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Q: Did tsar nicholas the 2nd want World War 1 to continue?
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Did Tsar Nicholas want to put power in the hands of people?

No, the monarch didn't want to give up any of his power.

Who led the Decembrist Revolution and what did they want?

The Decembrist Revolution occurred in Russia after Tsar Alexander I died and it was kind of a competition for power and the position of the Tsar. It was not really lead by any one person, it was a bunch of people each trying to gain power for themselves. The revolution ended when Tsar Alexander I's relative, Tsar Nicholas I, took his place as the tsar of Russia. Tsar Nicholas I was very conservative in his rule to try and stop revolts such as the Decembrist Revolution from happening again. I hope this helped!

Why did the revolutionary forces of Russia want to get rid of Nicholas the second?

Peasant revolts in the history of tsarist Russia are almost too numerous to count. There were at least 1,000 official revolts. By the time of World War One, the Tsar was fighting an unpopular war against powerful German armies, and poverty and hunger were a large part of Russia's problems. For years there was an intellectual underground plotting to remove the Tsar. The entire situation in Russia in 1917 was out of control, and Tsar Nicholas Romanov was clearly to blame. He was deposed in March of 1917.

Who was the leader of the russian empire that gave up his throne?

Tsar Nicholas II. He has to give it up in WWI because his people wanted to become communist and you obviously can't have a king if you want to do that

Why were the Romanovs killed?

Because the people of Russia were tired of the Emperor, so Lenin and his Bolsheviks killed the Romanovs. Tsar Nicholas II and his family were killed because Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks did not want him to be captured from Bolshevik custody and put back on the throne by the White forces during the Russian Civil War. A contingent of the Czechoslovak Legion was known to be in the area at that time and looking to capture the Tsar from the Bolsheviks. Lenin decided the best way to prevent this would be to kill the entire family, especially Nicholas and his son Alexei so that the Tsar could not be put back on the throne and his son could not be declared the new Tsar.

Did the first Romanov Tsar want to be Tsar?

Michael Romanov was the first Romanov Tsar, and he was chosen by the Russian boyars (royalty) after a conflict with Poland. As Tsar is a position of power, I would assume so.

Who was in the Government of Bulgaria when World War 2 was declared?

Bulgaria was a constitutional monarchy during most of World War II with Tsar Boris III ruling with a Prime Minister and a Parliament. Prime Minister Bogdan Filov controlled the country with the Tsar Boris. They declared Bulgaria to be a neutral nation. I have provided a link for you below if you want to read more about Bulgaria during the war.

What did nicholas biddle want to do?

he wanted to save the natoinal bank

What if he doesn't want to continue the relationship?

So, relationship will not continue.

How did the Russian Revolution change a major social institution?

Principally by deposing the reigning House of Romanov,the royal family which had ruled Russia since 1613, and replacing its autocratic monarchy with, first a republic, and then the Communist dictatorship which lasted from 1917 until the fall of Communism in Russia (dissolution of the U.S.S.R.) in 1991. Since 1991 Russia has been governed as a Federal Republic.The downfall of the Romanovs began in 1914 with the outbreak of World War 1. Russia was allied with, and bound to come to the defense of, Serbia, which had been attacked by the Austro-Hungarian Empire since a Serbian nationalist had assassinated the Austrian Crown Prince in Sarajevo. There was a huge tangle of alliances throughout Europe, but the main thing was that once the Austrians mobilized their troops to invade Serbia, the Russians had to mobilize, then the Germans and the French and the English and they all toppled like so many dominoes into what was first called The Great War (1914-1918).Nicholas II of the House of Romanov was Tsar (Emperor, sometimes spelled Czar) of All The Russias at the time. Poor Nicholas hadn't ever really wanted to be Tsar at all, and when his father, Alexander III died of kidney disease when Nicholas was only 26, Nicholas reputedly said, "I do not want it. I am not a Tsar." But like all hereditary monarchs, he was Tsar whether he liked it or not. And even though he didn't like being Tsar, he wouldn't consider any constitutional reforms that might have saved his monarchy. Nicholas answered any sort of unrest with deadly force. Nicholas didn't know it, but he was becoming very unpopular.Russian Tsars had, for centuries, been the most autocratic of all the Crowned Heads of Europe. Even Germany had a more constitutional monarchy in 1914 than did Russia. The Russian peasants supposedly adored the man they called their Little Father, and when the war broke out it was the Russian peasant's son who fought it. And died. And died. The Russian high command, with few exceptions, was incompetent, and Nicholas himself insisted on personally going to the front and taking command of the Armies, as he thought a Tsar should. This from the man who had once said, "I am not a Tsar." He also was no General!The upshot was devastating chaos, terrible battle losses (the Russian Army was essentially annihilated at Tannenburg in 1914), general officers going off into the forest and shooting themselves, bread riots at home and finally the forced abdication of Tsar Nicholas and the declaration of a Republican government in March, 1917.The problem was that the Republican government was hardly stronger than the Tsar had been, plus they wanted to continue the now-unpopular war with Germany. The result of that was that the Bolsheviks (Communists) usurped the Republican Revolution and took over the country in the October Revolution of 1917. They held Nicholas and his family hostage while civil war raged. Finally, when the Bolsheviks feared that the White Russian supporters of the Tsar were getting a little too close to rescuing him in 1918, the Bolsheviks shot the entire royal family, including all the children and their closest servants, in the basement of a house in what is now Yekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk during the Communist period). It's not clear if orders were actually given to shoot anyone, much less the children, but it gave the Communist government a world wide black eye as murderers of children which lasted pretty much until 1991.After the downfall of Communism, the remains of the Tsar and his family were brought back to the ancient capital of the Tsars at St. Petersburg and reburied in the St. Catherine Chapel in the St. Peter and Paul Fortress where all the Tsars since Peter the Great lie. The entire family were named saints by the Orthodox Church. There are still surviving Romanovs, but an imperial restoration is highly unlikely. Most of us just hope that Republican government in Russia continues to thrive. Well over 70 years of Cold War with the Russians was quite enough for one century.

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