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Did whales use to have legs?

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Click on the link to your right for more information. What early scientist believed to be leg bones turned out to be a key anchor for the reproductive system

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Did whales have legs?

No, whales did not have legs, they had flippers or fins

How many legs do Killer Whales have?

Killer whales have no legs.

Do whales have legs?

Whales are sea animals that live in water lots of animals that live in water do not have legs .Sceintist have once belived that whales have legs...Today whales dont have any legs,,,,

What evidence do fossils provide about the ancestors of whales?

You can see that Whales have hipbones, because they use to be mammals, that walked on 4 legs.

Is it true that whales had legs?

No they do not have legs. their legs are there bottom flippers.

Why is a whales hind legs a vestigial organ?

Because they don't use it for walking anymore.

What mammals have no legs?


What mammals do not have legs?


Why don't whales have legs?

Whales are aquatic mammals, meaning that a fluke and flippers are better than legs for these creatures.

Are some whales still alive that have legs?


How many toes do killer whales have?

They have four short legs; the front legs havefive toes while the back legs

What The legs of insects and the legs of mammals are?

The legs of insects and the legs of mammals are usually jointed. This does not take into consideration, though, that sharks, whales, and dolphins are also mammals.

What is the only mammal on the planet with no legs and fur?

Cetaceans are animals without fur or legs, dolphins and whales

Which animal does not have legs?

Snakes, worms, fish, whales, etc.

Whales have vestigial legs This suggests they?

That they evolved from land animals.

What are the release dates for Morphed - 2009 When Whales Had Legs 1-2?

Morphed - 2009 When Whales Had Legs 1-2 was released on: USA: 8 February 2009

What do whales use their what to eat?

What do whales use their something to eat

Animals with no legs?

There are several animals that have no legs. Some of these animals include, snakes, whales, snails, fish, and seals.

Do whales use eclocation?

Dolphins,Porpises and Beaked whales use it.

What mammal animal has no legs?

dolphins, whales, seals and sea lions

Do killer whales jump?

No. Technically, only animals with legs can jump.

What do whales use their tails for?

Whales use their tails, along with their flippers, to swim.

Why do sharks and whales have fins?

Why do humans have legs? It's how they move in the water and survive

To swim whales move their tails from side to side?

Whales' tails move up and down when they swim, just like peoples' legs.

What is an example of transitional forms?

Whales, because their legs become vestigial for modern day whales. Their legs start to shrink slowly on the ancestors of fossils related to the whales, which slowly evolve to fins. Fish swim side to side, while the whales and dolphins move up and down. The nose slowly moves to the top of the head through the generations.

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