Did william regal actully get fired?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Yes He Did. They Were Gonna Fire Him Before The Match Against Mr. Kennedy Anyway Yes

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Q: Did william regal actully get fired?
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Where is William Regal?

he was fired in May 2008

Is William regal really fired?

Pompous bastard.

What is William Regal's birthday?

William Regal was born on May 10, 1968.

When was William Regal born?

William Regal was born on May 10, 1968.

Who was Raw's Manager in 2006?

Eric Bisof, owner of WCW then manager of raw then he got fired. In 2007 William Regal was the manager for a little while.

Is William regal out of raw?

No, William Regal is still in WWE Raw roster but World Wrestling Entertainment is not giving priority to William Regal in making matches. Recently, William Regal appeared in Raw locker room and participated in Khali's kiss cam. In other words, William Regal kissed Zack Ryder during The Great Khali's kiss cam.

Who is better in svr 2009 William regal or mvp?

it is William regal because MVP loses a lot

What is William regal's hometown?

As of July 2014, William Regal's hometown is Blackpool, England. William is a professional wrestler that is currently signed with the WWE company.

What was William Regal's First match in 2001 in WWE?

agenst willian regal

Who has taken steroids?

William regal

Are William regal and layla a real-life couple?

No they are not. In real life Regal is married

Is William Regal a girl?

no way he a man