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communism originally says that there are equal rights for everyone including women and children. but they didnt neccessarily live up to their promise

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Q: Did women have equal rights under the Communist government?
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Does Cuba have a unitary form of government?

Cuba does not have a federal government system. The country of Cuba is run by a communist government under the rule of a dictator.

What rights do Cubans have?

the rights that cubans enjoy are....... 1.rolling themselves in mud while eating pizza 2.running aroung naked and yelling at people these rights are what cubans enjoy but they are not able to do to there communist government :(

Who ran and owned all the businesses under the communist government?

Government .

Who owned and ran all the businesses under the communist government?

Government .

What form of government did russia-under-Stalin have?


Russia under Stalin form of government?


What type of government was place under the USSR?


What are Laissez faire and 'The Communist Manifesto'?

"The Communist Manifesto" essentially laid out the rules of the socialist government. This included the fact that the government was responsible for the people. The people, however, could not go into business for themselves, since everything would be equal and mandated under Communist law. Laissez-Faire, however, opposed communist rule since it would interfere with free market capitalism. Under a laissez-faire government, people were free to earn and make their way in life.

What government douse china have?

China is under a Communist empire.

What form of government existed in the Soviet Union during the Cold War?

Communism: It is to keep every man equal and average. No one can own private property and it was their form of government/economics.

What was the goal of the us action in Korea?

To stop the communist forces from reuniting Korea under a communist government

Under which political party Angola gain independence?

Communist Government