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They did not serve "combat" positions, however they did serve in dangerous roles as nurses and in other non combat military occupations. Most women in the military during WWII were used to free up jobs in the US, to allow for more Men to go overseas to fight. The largest role of women during WWII was leaving the home to take over jobs for men as they went off to war, by doing so, they ran factories, made bombs, equipment and kept our country running while the boys were off at war. The above answer applies to the United States only. Soviet women were
in actual "combat" in various capacities (pilots, snipers, etc.).

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Q: Did women serve in combat positions in World War 2?
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How do the role of women in world war 2 differ to today?

Women are allowed to serve in many more positions than they used to. Now in the US women can serve in pretty much every position with the exceptions of combat arms (i.e. infantry, artillery, etc) and spec ops positions.

Should women serve in combat?

By having women to serve in direct combat, it will hamper mission effectiveness by hurting the unit morale and cohesion.

How many women serve in combat?

none, not a dam one.

Are pregnant women allowed to serve in combat zones?

Absolutely not.

When did women start serving in combat positions?

Women, according to the Aspin Rules, are exempt from assignment to Direct Ground Combat units. This means that females cannot be assigned below brigade level to Combat Arms units (Infantry, Armor, Artillery).Pilots, however, can be female since they are not expected to participate in ground combat.This rule still exists, however, due to the nature of modern warfare, women in combat support and combat service support units are frequently encountered with situations in which mission accomplishment requires them to engage in ground combat.The women in the United States military are great assets to our combat effectiveness and have proven time and again that they are valuable members of the team, even if they don't serve in combat positions.

Can women be in the Australian Army?

Yes, women can be in the Australian Army, but they cannot be in direct combat roles. 10.6 % of the positions are occupied by women.

Did women from other countries besides the us serve in world war 2?

Some woman were in the French Resistance. And many women served in the Soviet Red Army (russian army) And no women served in the U.S. army. In Britain, the U.S. and many Allied countries women did serve in the armed forces in World War 2 but not in a combat role. The Soviet Union was unusual in having women in combat. Obviously, in the case of resistance movements, the distinction between combat roles and others may be blurred.

Should women be allowed in combat positions?

yes,they should.Women Have a equel position as men

What are the limitations of women in the military?

Women in the military can currently serve in almost every field, except for anything having to do with combat. Women can be in helicopters and such, but they cannot serve as a ground combat soldier, or "grunt", as it is called in the marine corps. P.S. Please recommend me!

How many women were on d-day transports with soldiers?

None. Women did not serve aboard warships or with combat troops.

Why should women be allowed in combat position?

Because women should have equal rights, and should be able to serve there country.

Which of the Statements accurately contrasts the roles of women during World War 2 in the US and in the Soviet Union?

Answer this question…Women in the Soviet Union served directly in combat, while women in the United States served primarily in support positions.

Which of the following statements accurately contrasts the roles of women during World War 2 in the US and in the Soviet Union?

Answer this question…Women in the Soviet Union served directly in combat, while women in the United States served primarily in support positions.

What was one job in America women were not allowed to do in the military during world war 2?

Combat positions. They could be a nurse, work in offices, and be a driver, but not fight. It is only recently women have been allowed to be fighter pilots.

Did any Australian women engage in combat in World War 2?

No - Australians have only had women in combat for the last 5 to 10 years.

Are women allowed to serve in combat?

Yes. In January, 2013, the military lifted the ban for women in combat roles, but many women served in combat before the ban was formally lifted. According to the Associated Press, women will be able to start training as Army Rangers in mid-2015 and women will be able to start training as Navy SEALs in mid-2016.

Why cant a girl be a sniper in the military?

Because the current regulations forbid women too serve in combat roles.

Did women do combat in World War II?

In many countries, women were not allowed in combat. But there were cases of women fighting, generally because it was necessary for survival. There were women in the French Resistance. There were women fighting in the Russian Air Force.

Three positions women held in the workforce during World War 2?

3 positions women held in the workforce during the war3 position women held in the workforce during the world war 1.

What were women not allowed to do in World War 2?

Except in the Soviet Union women were not used in combat.

What women can not do?

Many countries did not allow women to fight in combat during World War II.

Do women in war fly helicopters in combat?

There are several military forces around the world which have had female combat pilots.

Were there women soldiers in World War II?

in the service but not in combat units

Do National Guard women go to war?

Women can be deployed but are not placed in the battlefield to fight. There are no combat arms for women in the military. Yet. Most would serve in support units in the rear.

What did women do before world war 1?