US Merchant Marines

The US Merchant Marines are civilian-owned auxiliary watercrafts of the Navy during war time. During peace time, these crafts are engaged in transporting passengers and cargo within the territorial waters of the USA.

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US Merchant Marines

What problem does Miller allude to when he talks about the cast of a movie giggling as they watch Hitler on film or those of us today watching McCarthy on film?

It is symbolism

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US Merchant Marines

How many deck cadets are there in a ship?

if you mean a U.S.flag merchant ship, then one or two, mostly there ill be one deck cadet and one engine cadet

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Is it a federal offense to have your mail sent to an overseas address then have the person at that address forward it to you via international mail?

Box drops or addresses are used quite frequently for any number of reasons. Including privacy and personal safety. It is not a crime to have your mail sent somewhere and then forwarded. Unless a person is doing this to commit a deliberate act of fraud or criminal offense.

The only mail that is illegal to have sent into the country is that which intends to harm someone else (fraud, mail bombs etc.)

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Should you stay in a seven year marriage with two young kids if you desire to be with other men all the time?

I don't know your situation, but if you have a really nice husband, I suggest you try harder in your marriage. No one said marriage was easy. I have been married 32 years and yes, there were times I wanted to have a fling, but only in my dreams! LOL I knew I had a good man, and I always know the grass on the other side of the fence is never greener. One of the problems with marriage and having children is the fact it can be a drudge at times. The magic of the courtship is basically over, but the good news is, if you try you can get it back. Try a weekend away every so often with your husband and have the in-laws or friends look after the children. Many women feel like you and I do believe it feels like we are losing our identity at times. You could be working, but if you aren't try to work part-time. Often women are stuck at home looking after their children and don't feel they are really accomplishing much or part of society. Raising children is the hardest job out there as you know. If going out to work is out of the question for you, then perhaps you would be good at writing children's books or fiction. Take some classes in something you like and get out with other people (not affairs.) Tap into yourself and find what you are good at (we always surprise ourselves.) By doing so you will feel more independent and feel free. Usually when a partner seeks out an affair there is a reason and it never has anything to do with sex. Women often feel taken for granted, sort of like the shadow that hangs around the house. Women often feel unappreciated and there is a burning desire to want to be free again and do what the individual wants to do. Before you make any hasty decisions you should sit down and discuss your feelings with your husband. You might be surprised that he is willing to help you out or at least support you in your desires. Seeking out other men is never the answer and you'll only be cheating yourself. Be sure you are well aware of what you could lose .. perhaps a good husband and possibly the right to have your children live with you. You may feel like you want to be free now, but that feeling will rub off soon enough and you could well be sitting all alone and chasing your own tail. This is so common there is phrase for it--it's called the "seven-year itch" You can work through it. I should know since I also experienced it (divorce was even mentioned a few times), but hubby and I both worked very hard to get through it. Our marriage today is happy, healthy, and strong. Next week we celebrate our 15th anniversary.

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Requirements for renewal of seamans book?

old seaman book

basic safety course


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What is trade marketing?

Trade Marketing DefinitionThe essence of trade marketing is finding out how the retailer thinks and discovering what motivates him. Just like consumer marketing targets the consumer, mapping the consumer's behavior.

It is an element of the marketing mix that relate to building demand at the middleman (wholesaler, retailer, distributor) level. For example, a marketer might offer special display allowances and promotional support to retailers in exchange for additional display space.

US Merchant Marines

The role of youth in fighting corruption?

well truly speaking the role of youth in stopping corruptions comes from there ancestors.Yes, as we say youth is the backbone of future fact it is but not all time.As we know there are two sides of coins,there is always two sides of the real way and second the reel way......

US Merchant Marines
Salary and Pay Rates

What is the salary of 2nd officer in merchant navy?

My partner works as a second office in the merchant navy and his annual salary is £60.000 he does however specialise and works within the oil industry

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US Marine Corps History and Traditions
US Navy History and Traditions
US Merchant Marines

What does the term 'semper fidelis' mean?

Always Faithful"Semper Fidelis" or "Semper Fi" is the U.S. Marine Corps Motto which means "always faithful."
US Merchant Marines
Slogans and Mottos

What is the slogan of the us merchant marines?

in peace and war

US Merchant Marines

Is Clint Walker the father to Goran Visnjic?


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What type of fuels do ships use?

Different ships use different fuels according to their needs. Most large cargo ships use bunker fuel which is a form of crude oil. Some ships use diesel fuel. Some modern commercial ships are employing nuclear fuels. Some military ships use diesel for their normal operating engines and for more speed they will use jet fuel for gas turbine engines.

US Merchant Marines

How do you enlist in the merchant marines?

Short answer is you can't, to begin with there's no such thing as "the merchant marines" the phrase you're looking for is merchant marine, no s, secondly the term merchant marine refers to an industry, not a military service or government agency.

Saying you want to "enlist in the merchant marine" is the same as saying you want to enlist in the supermarkets, or the airline industry.

That being said, if you wish to be employed as a merchant mariner, there are a few routes you can take, one would be to attend one of the academies, or you could attend one of the trade schools, or you could get the necessary documentation and either apply dirrectly to a non-union shipping company, or join one of the maritime unions (most shipboard jobs are union and the jobs are to be had through the various union hiring halls.

I had included links, but they were not allowed

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What jobs can you get with an AA degree in Social Services?

Crisis counselor or psychiatric technician ...

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What is the growth rate for fashion modeling?

It depends on your age really. It usually doesnt matter for children, but adults are 5'8 and up for women, men are 6,1 and up. Same for teens.

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Dentist salary in India?

Around 50,000 us dollars, American doctors are at a higher demand and can make up to 134,000

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How many miles from Detroit to Pittsburgh?

Driving it is 286 mi – about 4 hours 39 mins and directly it is 211 miles (339 km).

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What is the average salary of an OSHA Compliance officer?


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How many wheels are there in a ship?


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What is the role of a senior marketing manager?

A senior marketing manager helps to set the marketing direction for the company. They develop marketing programmes across the appropriate marketing mix -- advertising, direct marketing, internet, digital marketing, events, public relations, sales support, and more. They oversee the implementation of these programmes by managing lower level staff, vendors and agencies, and ensure that benchmarks and goals are measured and met. Further they do analysis of the results and make refinements to the plans to optimise their results. The breadth of these roles vary across companies, but all generally focus on overseeing meeting business goals through markeitng programmes.

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What is Express Mail used for at uspscom?

Express mail featured at is the term they use for OVERNIGHT delievery. In most cases you can get a package sent overnight and delievered by the AM the next day. However I do believe they require you have the package to your postal office by at least 3pm.

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What is the difference between an audit and a survey?

An audit specifically examines finances, whereas a survey could be about anything, such as people's opinions regarding potato chips.

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Buzz Aldrin

What is Monique Marvez doing now?

Monique is the morning drive anchor and star of her own radio show, "Monique and the Man" on Jack FM100 radio in San Diego.

US Merchant Marines

The two types of propeller in ships?

1) keyed propeller and

2) keyless propeller................... they have further classificaton

1.fixed pitch propeller

2.controllable pitch propeller

3.directional pitch propeller

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How do you ship a surfboard longboard in the US?

AMTRAK ships Longboards throughout the Us and Canada.And for very good prices too!


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