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Is lt gen William B Caldwell IV married?

According to my last contact with LtGeneral William B. Caldwell IV, he informs me he lost his wife and four out of five children an an automobile accident while vacationing in Australia. He claims his only remaining son is currently attending West Point Academy....truth or fiction?

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Where is hard core party located?


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Can a long-distance marriage work in two military services?

It depends on the people. But if both want to make it work, it will. You can always talk to your boss' and see if you can be stationed near or with each other. A lot of times they will work it out for married couples.

Like it says above, it depends on the people. I happen to work in a job where i deal with a lot of people who seem to like cheating. It always seems as soon as the wives husband goes on deployment not even 2 hours later they get caught cheating, and same with husbands with wives leaving. I made it one of my points to never start a relationship with someone who is in the military. But it't up to you.

It's called "join spouse" when two military members get married they are required to fill out this form. The form gives you three options (I think). They are: Station us together, give us the option of being stationed together, don't bother stationing us together. There may not be a lot of options depending on your jobs. As a side note: only one quarter of tech school marriages last beyond four years (notice how that is the length of one enlistment?). Be sure you know what you are doing! Good Luck.

Well from my experience I am in the Air Force and my husband is in the Navy. It took 9 months after we got married to get stationed together. So yes you have to fill out the join spouse paperwork and so does your spouse and they have to want the same thing you do. If not it won't work and it can take anywhere from 1 month to a year. Depends on your job. And I agree about the tech school marriages. I seen them build up and fall down. I have been in 6 years nothing wrong with taking it slow. Long-distance marriages can work but it takes dedication that you don't gain from someone else or overnight it has to be something you are willing to do. All a part of marriage is sacrifice so if you are ready for that life hun GOD SPEED!! And another thing the military will try to station you together but it may not happen it is in the best intrest of the armed forces. You have other options such as trading to get to a closer base. But that is an out of pocket expense, while join spouse is government funded.

Don't Do It!

Yes, of course, everything is possible! We can win the Lottery tomorrow! We can inherit a million dollars from a rich uncle in Bolivia! But, let's be real. Chances of a good marriage when you live apart are slim. This is a bond that can only work if you intend to get out of service in a few years. You must find a way to live together to construct a relationship. Having been in the service myself, I know all about the distractions and, of course, there are many. More on ""

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What is a sample leave letter for marriage?

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you that I am going to get Married on 29/05/2009,
For this Reason i would like to Apply My Entitle Married Live and short leave total of 12 days, from 26th May 2009 to 6th June 2009

Suzette D'souza


Dear Sir,

My Marriage Ceremony is going to be held on 10th November 2008.

So therefore, I request to grand me 15 days leaves with pay from 8th November 2008 to 23rd November 2008.

I shall be highly oblige


Dear Sir ,

Most Respect Fully , I Beg To Say , That My Marriage Held On *** .

Please Grant Me Leave For *** Days , I Shall Be Very Thank-Full To You For This Act Of Kindness .

Your's Obediantly
X . Y . Z
Date : ***-***-***

Sincerely yours,

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What are common us army wife tattoos?

dog tags

I love my soldier.
My husband is A Ranger!
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Can you sue your spouse?

Generally no, you cannot sue your spouse while you are still married. Generally, the only lawsuit a spouse can file against a spouse is a complaint for divorce.

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How do you get stains out of dress white uniforms?

It depends on the stain, but your best bet with whites (even cotton) is to just take them to a dry cleaners to let them do it professionally.

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Kurt muse represents which of the four categories of personnel that the US is responsible for recovering?

Answer this question...personnel determined by the secretary of defense (SECDEF)

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Can you send your boyfriend who is in the army a package to his barracks.. He is in the army and doesn't have a mailbox. I just want it sent to his door?

It won't be dropped off at his door. It'll probably be kept at the battalion S-4 office and he'll receive a notification that he has a package, then he'll have to go get it. Even if you ship it via UPS or FedEx, it won't go straight to his door.

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What is included in phase 1 of casualty assistance?

Phase I of casualty assistance includes:

  • initial contact and meeting
  • contacting the servicing legal assistance office
  • follow up visits
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Where is Lt William Callie?

A Vietnam veteran, Ronald Ridenhour, threatened to reveal what he had been told about My Lai. This forced the United States Army to conduct an investigation into the incident. The official inquiry resulted in the court martial of only Lt. Calley. The Army did take steps to prosecute others involved in My Lai. About two dozen men were charged, including Captain Medina, but Calley was the only one convicted. On 29 March 1971, Calley was convicted of the premeditated murder of 22 civilians. (He had been accused of killing 109) He was sentenced to life in prison at hard labor. President Nixon intervened on Calley's behalf and ordered him to serve his sentence under house arrest. Various appeals brought his sentence down to 20 and then 10 years. Calley was released after serving three and one half years under house arrest, most of the time served at his apartment in Fort Benning, during which time he was allowed visits by his girlfriend. Many felt (feel) he was the scape-goat for My Lai. From the information I can find on the net, at sites like Find, William Calley is currently living in Ohio, is 63 or 64 years old, and working as a jeweler. MrV

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Should you get engaged and married if you are stable but your boyfriend is in the military and moves around a lot and would it really be fair to you?

Life is short. If you can make a plan that works, stick with it. Anything goes if you say it does. Two people should be able to agree on that.

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Can one parent get therapy for child without other parent consent?

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Allison mathis white dress from MTV sweet 16 who designed it?

i dont think it was white...the short blue on she wore to her party at justin'sis an ema savahl. im not sure about the other dress from the party at her house.

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Who was Joseph S Benner?

Joseph S Benner was a marvellous writer on spiritual matters around the turn of the 1900's. He wrote, as far as I know, "the Way to the Kingdom", "the Impersonal Life", "Brotherhood", "The Teacher", "Wealth", "The Way Out" and "The Way Beyond" I have the first three of these books in my collection. Especially "The Way to the Kingdom" has hugely instrumetnal in shaping my own spritual undertanding. He wrote these books anonymously and it was only in later years that I was able to discover his name. I believe that there is a special Trust in his name that works to distrubute his books, which are published by De Vorss and compay. I absolutely recommend the ones I have read. posted by Andre Walters

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How do you change license plate in 2002 corvette?

how incomptent are you not to see the 2 screws holding the plate on????????????????

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May be thought of as a form of identification?

Detection to protect or treat

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What was Maj Gen William B Caldwell IV wife's name?

Current wife is Stephanie. I believe first wife was Laurie.

First wife was Loretta (Lorrie).

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When is the 2011 marine corps birthday ball in Pensacola?

November 4th 2011

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If your spouse has you arrested for no reason is an explanation and an apology needed to repair the emotional damage sustained by the arrested spouse?

If both people agree to it, they need to go to joint marital counseling.

If your spouse plans on pressing charges against you and/or getting a divorce, you need to contact an attorney.

People do not get arrested for no reason,so the wife had to make some kind of accusation to the police to initiate the arrest,If she deliberately lied to the police for the sole reason of having you arrested, then she is guilty of making a false police report and guilty of a false arrest both are criminal offenses...So file criminal charges against the wife....

no appology would be necessary for the emotional damage because she would suffer the same emotional damage of being arrested,held in jail,convicted for an actual crime and receiving punishment by the Courts.While she is being held in prison awaiting bail file for a restraning order so she can not come home,then file for divorce...

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Can a family member move into military housing with you?

usually only your direct family - wife or children. parents are not usualyl allowed, check with your housing office to see what the rules are at that base.

Just to clarify, that is only if you are officially married! But if you decide to live off post then you can move in with him but they don't get the housing allowance until you are married.

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What is included in Phase II of casualty assistance?

Phase II of the assistance process concerns the return and disposition of the soldiers remains. The CAO coordinates specifically with the person authorized to direct disposition (PADD) who is the decision making authority for the place and manner of the funeral and burial of the soldier. This coordination includes decision about funeral benefits and coordination for the return of the remains. These decision can be complicated by several factors including:

  • The desires of the PADD
  • The availability of military airlift returning the remains from theater
  • The condition of the remains
  • Authorized travel to the service if the soldier will be interred at a national cemetery
  • Authorized transportation of remains by military or contract aircraft.
  • Assuring the remains are treated with dignity at each phase of their transportation.
This phase occurs during a sensitive and emotional time for the family. Phase II is complete when the soldier is interred.
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Can a military spouse collect unemployment benefits from Louisiana if family has to relocate to another state?

Good luck trying to squeeze any money out of Louisiana...even if you earned it legitimately, worked the qualifying periods and your employer paid everything for UI benefits. Louisiana will string you along for about 6-8 weeks telling you to keep filing and each week they will send you a letter stating that "there is an unresolved issue" with your claim. They will not tell you the issue, nor will they disclose what they are waiting on to you on the phone - if you can ever reach a live person that is - they have one phone number and I am convinced - one person that answers this phone line, which you will wait about 2 hours on hold if you have the patience, only to be told exactly nothing. After tellling you first 4 weeks, it will change to 6, then to 8 weeks, if you do not hear anything, you will be told them back at that same number! Eventually you will get a letter (after filing every week & hoping you get benefits until you get another job at the new duty station). basically saying too bad, so sad, but that your spouse moving is just not a good enough reason for you to leave your job. It was not the employers fault that you left, it was yours and tada you are disqualified! Don't expect anything from Louisiana...they fight hard and write it 'just so' in their books so as to keep all the money that should be rightfully yours.

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Do marines usually take their girlfriends to the marine corps ball?

Simple answer, yes.

I'm a Marine myself and I'd say about 80% of Marines take a date/girlfriend/wife. If your a noncommissioned officer or up it's more expected than someone who recently enlisted.

If you're a young marine just make sure you straighten up those blues. Look good, first impressions are everything.


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