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yes you had to be a male 18 and over and own land to be a citizen of Athens

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Did you have to male to be a citizen of Athens?


What was the ideal citizen in Athens?

Male born in Athens

What defines a citizen in Athens?

Freeborn male of Athenian parents.

Who art thou be a almighty citizen of thy royal Athens?

One whose grandfather was a citizen of Athens. They also had to be male and over 30

What characteristics were included to be a citizen of Athens?

An adult male who proved his descent from an Athenian citizen to his tribal council.

What characteristics was not required to be in citizens of Athens A be wealthy B be male C Pay taxes D have a father who was a citizen?

A and C, You had to be male and descended from a citizen.

Who can elect representatives in Athens?

Any male citizen. No women could vote.

Who can vote on laws in Canada?

Any citizen 18+ that is a Canadian citizen. Oh if you lived in ancient Greece you had to be a male citizen living in Athens.

What was required for an adult male to become a citizen of Athens?

He had to appear before his tribe and demonstrate that he was of Athenian descent and fit to be a citizen.

Who was the first citizen of Athens?

Pericles was the first citizen of Athens.

What did it mean to be citizen of Athens?

To be a citizen of Ancient Athens you had to be a full grown man that was born in Athens.

In Athens by the mid fifth century BC every male citizen was what?

Voted on all major issues.

Who was not allowed to vote in Athens?

Only citizen had this right,and only Athens men could be citizen

Who did thucydides call the first citizen of Athens?

Thucydides described Pericles as the first citizen of Athens

What things were required to be an Athenian citizen?

A citizen of Athens was a male over 18 years of age. At that age he was presented to the council of his tribe and vouched for by his nearest male relative. If no one of the tribal assembly objected, he was granted citizenship.

Who was the leader allowed all male citizen to participate in the assembly?

who allowed all citizens in athens the right to participate in the assembley

What was a citizen jury in ancient Athens?

A jury of citizens from Athens

What was not required to be a citizen of Athens?

Unlike many other early social/governmental systems, wealth was not required to be a citizen of Athens.

Who was considered a citizen in Athens having the privlage to participate in government?

A person that was considered a citizen to the Athens is Pericles a famous Greek statesman.

Why did the people of Athens consider Aristotle an outsider?

He was a Macedonian and not a citizen of Athens.

How old were Athenian males when they became full citizens?

In Athens to become a citizen you would have to be over the age of 18 and you would have to be a male. You cant be a slave and you cant be a foreigner. But long ago to become a citizen your father and your mothers father would have to be a citizen.

Who could be a citizen in Athens?

considering we're learning about Athens in school, people whos parents were born in Athens could be a citizen, however, women, foreigners, and slaves could not be citizens.

What characteristics was required to be a citizen of Athens?


What characteristics are not required to be a citizen of Athens?


What characteristic was not a requirement to be a citizen of Athens?

be wealthy