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A this time, September 2009, it is possible to see Jupiter at night. Apart from the moon, it is the brightest object in the night sky. From the northern hemisphere, it can be seen towards the south.

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How do you see stars and planets?

Just kidding. Just get a powerful telescope. I've seen Jupiter before.

From Venus' can you see Jupiter?

yes you can see Jupiter from venus

Does Jupiter have any land?

As Jupiter is a gas giant, no land. Just gas. It does have a liquid core. See the related link for more information.

Can earth see a crescent Jupiter?

no, it is highly impossible to see a crescent Jupiter.

Galileo was the first person to see the moons of Uranus or Jupiter?

he was the first to see Jupiter

Why would people want to travel to planet Jupiter?

people would like to visit Jupiter because they'll like to see the great red spot and its storms or just to visit another planet. people would like to visit Jupiter because they'll like to see the great red spot and its storms or just to visit another planet. people would like to visit Jupiter because they'll like to see the great red spot and its storms or just to visit another planet.

Why is it that from earth you can see planets moon?

You can see the larger moons of some planets - the Galilean satellites of Jupiter, for instance, because they reflect sunlight, just as Jupiter itself does. Saturn's rings: Same thing. We see them because they are reflecting sunlight.

Why can you only see Jupiter's moons at certain times of the year?

You can see Jupiter's moons any night whenever you can see Jupiter, with the possible exception of times when the Moon is close to it. Just now (2014) Jupiter is mostly visible in midwinter.

Where are Jupiter's moons tonight?

I can tell you where Jupiter on October 21st 2010. On the right of the Moon you'll see a bright light. That's Jupiter! I just saw it with binoculars!

Which planet is the easiest to see from earth?

Venus is the brightest and easiest to see. Then Jupiter and Saturn and Mars.

What are the bands on Jupiter?

jupiter bands are we see are the clouds we recall from earth

What is the visibility of Jupiter?

you can see the great red spot with the colours of Jupiter

When did scientists go see Jupiter?

No one has yet travelled to Jupiter.

What is Jupiter located?

Right where we left it.... 5th planet from the Sun. __________________ These days, Jupiter is hiding BEHIND the Sun. That's why we can't see it this month. In mid April, Jupiter will be visible, rising in the east just before the Sun rises.

Can Jupiter can be seen without a telescope?

Jupiter is often one of the brightest objects in the night sky. You just need to know what it is that you're looking at when you see it. Also, with a decent pair of binoculars, you can usually see four of Jupiter's moons.

Does Jupiter have mountains and crates?

Its moons do,but Jupiter is just gas.

Can you see the astroidbelt from Jupiter?

Not with the naked eye, but it would probably be visible with a strong enough telescope, just as it is from earth.

Do you sometimes see a crescent in Jupiter?

No. Jupiter never appears as a crescent from the earth

What causes the bands of color on jupiter?

Weather, just like Earth has circulating bands of weather, only ours are harder to see. On Jupiter that are much more violent and it spins faster and that all contributes to creating the bands that we see on its surface.

How many moons can you see from Jupiter?

That depends where you are. There are 16 moons that revolve around Jupiter so you can probably see all.

Why is Jupiter made up of rocky materials and frozen gases?

beause it just is jupiter is just like that

What planet is in the eastern sky just after sunset in January 2013?

You are seeing Jupiter, which is now in Taurus, near the Pleiades and Aldebaran. Taurus is up all night in the winter, so you can see Jupiter in the east after sunset and all night long as Taurus moves across the winter night sky. Just before sunrise, if you have a flat horizon, you'll see Jupiter in the west as it is about to set with Taurus.

Jupiter has four bright moons that can be seen by the telescope why can you see them?

You can basically see them for the same reasons that you see Jupiter itself and our Moon, namely because they reflect light towards us. As they are much smaller than Jupiter, they reflect less light so it is more difficult to see them. You can see Jupiter with the naked eye, but with a good telescope you can also see its moons, spread out in a line around it.

When did Galileo see Jupiter?

in 1454

How can you see the moons from Jupiter?

With a telescope