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Not at all. My father was very autoritarian and spanked me until I turned 12. I never talk back to my parents. If you let your child having his way, well you're asking for trouble when he will enter puberty.

Here my suggestion:

1. Don't be affraid of spanking your child, he'll thank you later, as I did;

2. Never give a free yes, ask what he has done for that yes;

3. Don't abuse of your authority, he need some freedom too;

4. At lunch time, ask some easy scholar question and give him his food on a good answer, helped me a lot in math (you need three part to make a goblet, how many part do we need for each one have a goblet? (5 family member));

5. The most important one, spend time with him, even if he's in puberty.

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There are four kinds of parenting styles. The worst is the "uninvolved" style. The best is the "authoritative" style. The other forms are the "authoritarian" style which is more strict than the "authoritative" style. There is also the "permissive" style.

I love the affection you get from parenting. On your worst day your child makes everything better. They usually don't see your faults and don't criticize when you put on a few pounds. They love you for you and you love them forthem.... unconditional love!

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Well The child Might have been through alot. so they might be distant at first.if not forever. but if it is short time foster care...the worst is giving up a child you fall in love with. Any more questions? Email me at

Of the four parenting styles, the authoritative style is the gold standard. Authoritative parents achieve the right balance of warmth and approval, they are responsive to a child's needs, and explain the reasons that discipline might be in order. In other words, authoritative parents are affectionate and engaged with their child but they also set limits and enforce consequences when the child misbehaves. Children raised by authoritative parents are likely to be happy, kind children who can solve problems on their own and who are self-motivated and confident, and they are usually excellent students. Authoritarian parents favor strict discipline. They tend to have many household rules, which they expect their children to obey. They are consistent with discipline if their child misbehaves. But authoritarian parents don't believe they need to offer a reason. The answer, "Because I said so," characterizes this parenting style. Authoritarian parents are less affectionate than authoritative ones and some withdraw love to get their child to obey. Children raised by authoritarian parents tend to be moody and anxious, but are typically well behaved, and they are usually average to good students. Permissive parents typically display a lot of love and affection for their children but maintain and enforce few if any rules. Many permissive parents want to be friends with their child. When they ask their child to do something, such as getting ready for bed, they typically end the request with, "OK?" If the child doesn't get ready for bed, the permissive parent might play with the child until she's ready to go. Children raised by permissive parents tend to be demanding and whiny. They become easily frustrated when things don't go their way, and they lack empathy and kindness for others. They are usually average to poor students. Uninvolved parents are low on being responsive to a child's needs and low on controlling and disciplining a child. Parents on the worst extreme of this style neglect their children or reject them completely. These parents do not have a strong emotional bond with their child, they aren't involved in their child's life, and if they provide discipline, it's inconsistent and unpredictable. Children raised by uninvolved parents tend to be clingy and needy. They might be rude or act in unsuitable ways away from home. They tend to get into trouble with teachers or with the law and are usually poor students.

i would say ANY types of child abuse is the worst. its NEVER right to do that to a child. if i did have to say what would be the worst, would be death. some child abuse is so bad, it causes the child to die or kill themself. the parents out there whom have laid a harmful finger on thier child, they someday might kill themself.

well, i heard that the worst time of child abuse was in the 1980's that i learned in school I hoe that helps good enough

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That is a matter of opinion. It depends on the style someone likes.

the smoke is 10x worst on the child

well it depends, everyone has a different type of favorite and worst favorite style of music. so I'm not quite sure.. :S

The worst video games for children are violent video games because they teach the child playing the game to be violent and in some cases to make the child think that it is ok to be violent.

David Pelzer. He wrote a book called "A child called it"

Actually the third worst case is Dave Pelzer, the second worst case is Genie I do not know who the first case is but I am trying to figure it out

it makes the world a worst place to live and more scarier for children to be in so stop this child abuse!

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According to Diana Baumrind there are three distinct parenting style (though later she added another ) Permissive( or too soft)- Parents hardly set any guide lines or rules. If a rule is established and the children don't follow it , they are easily overlooked or forgiven. Children are sort of free to do what they want. Parents are warm, nurturers and want to be more like friends than guides or parents. The children raised in this style are friendly but have difficulty following authority and directions, confused when in school then face the consequences. They can be "spoiled kids" Authoritarian (too hard)- These parents are strict. They establish clear guide lines and rules. They do not need the reasons ( for rules) to be explained. Children pay the prices for not following them and are harshly punished. Parents are cold, distant and expect kids to respect that distance. They have high demands and expectation from their kids. This style produces children who are obedient, but also bossy and bully to weaker or younger kids. They can be subservient to superiors and sneaky . They have low social competence and lower resiliency. Authoritative (just right)- These parents set rules and guide lines some times involving their children. The consequences of not following them are also discussed and followed through consistently, though children are forgiven and not punished.They are friendly and warm but also are guides. Children from this style are happy with high self esteem and resiliency. The indifferent or uninvolved parents are the fourth kind that was added by Braumind later. These parents are cold, with no rules or expectation from their children, They kind of avoid and neglect their kids and are unaware about their children's lives. This fourth kind is the worst. Children rank lowest in all domains from this style. They are unhappy, confused, could be cruel to others and are with no self control or esteem. Baumind's research (1960) involved more than one hundred preschoolers. She used scientific observation, parental interviews and other research methods to come up with this conclution.

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Well, the best moment in his life was the birth of three wonderful children and the worst moment was when he was accused of child molestation.

I would believe that this answer is based off of a personal opinion. However, I would say that the second worst form of child abuse besides physical would be mental. Mental can cover anywhere to physical, verbal and emotional abuse.

Yes, there is. Worst than Urban Planet and Claire's by like 100x more....

1. War 2. Famine 3. African Child

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