Did you know the authoritarian parenting style is the worst for your child?

Not at all. My father was very autoritarian and spanked me until I turned 12. I never talk back to my parents. If you let your child having his way, well you're asking for trouble when he will enter puberty.

Here my suggestion:

1. Don't be affraid of spanking your child, he'll thank you later, as I did;

2. Never give a free yes, ask what he has done for that yes;

3. Don't abuse of your authority, he need some freedom too;

4. At lunch time, ask some easy scholar question and give him his food on a good answer, helped me a lot in math (you need three part to make a goblet, how many part do we need for each one have a goblet? (5 family member));

5. The most important one, spend time with him, even if he's in puberty.