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on big nate? then yes. i don't know of any other bell but u have to get the clacker in the detention room.

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How do you get the school bell to ring in poptropica?

You get the bird egg then you get the piece of a bell

Where do you go after you get the bell clapper to work in poptropica?

go to the bell on the top of the school and ring it

How do you get the robot to work on poptropica?

Ring the bell on the desk and it will follow you around!

How do you get the girls out of your way on Poptropica?

you have to find the bell clasper and ring it and they will leave

How do you get the school bell to ring on Poptropica?

To do this you must get the bird away, go to the secret room, take the bell thing, and put it on the bell.

What do you do after you ring the bell in poptropica?

the girls will leave so you can dig up the capsule

How do you get the girls awat in poptropica big nate?

You have to ring the bell in the school! Hope this helped!

How do you make the girls move poptropica?

Ring the school bell by shining the light on the bird

How do you get the kids out of the way on poptropica big nate island?

you ring the bell with the claper you got in the secret room.

How do ring the bell on big nate in poptropica?

With the lobster, go to the light and rotate it onto the seagull nest.

How do you wake up the robot on steamworks island poptropica?

After you get in Sully's shop,just ring the little bell on the left of the robot:)

How do you get rid of the girls of the playground on Big Nate poptropica?

You have to find the bell clapper by getting detention and by going in the file cabinet. Put the clapper in the bell and it will ring bringing the girls from the playground.

What do you do after you got the bell clapper in poptropica?

After you get the clapper, go back to where the sea gull was, under the school bell Them simply go to your items and click on the clapper once you've gotten back up to the school bell, and then you ring it.

What is a four letter word for ring a bell?

Peal is a word meaning ring a bell.

How do you get the girls out of the way on poptropica?

On top of the school is the seagull. You get the seagull away by cranking the light in the lighthouse it will then fly away. You have to have the bell clapper to ring the bell, then the girls will move and go into the school from their break and there you have it

What is the passive voice of 'Ring the school bell'?

You are requested to ring the school bell

What is the song with You Can Ring My Bell in it?

The song is 'Ring My Bell' By Anita Ward. Here is a link to the lyrics http://artists.letssingit.com/anita-ward-ring-my-bell-l177ssw

After you ring the bell on poptropica big nate what do you do?

then you go to were the girls were standing and place a peanut butter snack there and the dog with dig up to time capsule!!!

Do you have to ring the bells in order in harvest moon?

In Animal Parade, there's no set order to ring the bells. However, you'll have to ring the Blue Bell before you ring the Green Bell. Also, the Purple Bell has to be the last bell you ring: they won't let you ring it before all of the others are rung.

What do you need the bell clapper for in poptropica?

For the bell thingy on the school<3

Where is the bell in Poptropica?

The bell is on top of the school in big nate island

How do you ring the Liberty Bell?

You cannot ring the Liberty Bell. It's very well protected.

What is a bell pun?

Does the name, Quasimodo ring a bell.

Did Donna summer sing ring my bell?

No the singer of ring my bell was a lady called Anita Ward

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