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Q: Diets high in sugar are directly associated with?
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Diets high in trans-fatty acids are associated with?

High blood cholesterol levels

Are diets high in protein associated with low blood cholesterol levels?


Diets high in trans fatty acids are associated with?

Increased blood cholesterol levels.

Can too much sugar give you diabetes?

No but most diets high in sugar are also usually high in fat, and those diets usually lead to becoming overweight which can definitely lead to a diagnosis of diabetes. It's not the sugar you take in but the body's regulation of insulin which affects how the body transforms the sugar that causes the problem.

Do mice live longer when they are fed high sugar diets?

yes they do, because they get hipper with sugar, and can run away from more cat, than without sugar.

Why do Sugar Puffs have a weird smell?

It is the high sugar/glucose/fructose level of the cereal. People with sugary diets have this smell come out in their urine, which is why many people complain that, "Sugar Puffs smell like wee."

Has anyone died from eating too much sugar?

Directly? An online search did not turn up any "yes" reports. However, if you would have asked "Is sugar a major indirect factor in mortality," the answer is an unqualified Yes. As seen on this linked page, high-sugar diets (which are very common in the Western world) - create a much higher risk for all kinds of diseases. See also:Eating healthy

What are the key components of a high protein diet?

High protein diets include foods such as fish, lean meats and beans. Foods you would want to avoid include sweets, white breads, and high sugar fruits.

What are some tips for high protein diets?

High protein diets are favorable when trying to lose weight but maintain muscle. Some tips for high protein diets can be found here:

I s a high protein diet necessary for a healthy lifestyle?

No! In fact, high protein diets are often very bad for you (the infamous Atkins diet, for example). A balanced diet that is high in fiber, low in fats and low in sugar is much better.

Can you tell me about a high protein low carb diet?

Well, high protein and low carbohydrate diets are mainly used by a majority of the people who want to gain muscles and weight. But not gaining a lot of fat, or sugar levels.

Are high protein diets healthy for anyone or can they be dangerous for some people?

If there is too much protein associated with your diet, it can be detrimental to your health. A high of any vitamin isn't good and that applies to protein as well. Just keep it in moderation.