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The C and C Programming languages are one and the same. There is no difference between those languages.

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Q: Difference between C and C programming language?
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What is the difference between the c and C programming?

The question is similar to : What is the Difference between "English" and "Talking in English" "C" is a Language. "C Programming" is a verbal usage

What is the difference between the Linux shell and C?

C is a programming language. A shell is an interface.

What is the difference between aspnet vbnet and c? is website programming is windows forms programming the visual basic language is windows forms programming in c# language

What is difference between Turbo and Borland C?

turbo is word to do the programming language in c & c++ and i do no about borland

What is the difference between C programming and CPP programming?

The C and C++ languages are, at their core, very similar. C++ adds Object Oriented Programming, and several other enhancements, to the C language.

Difference between unix and c language?

Unix is an operating system, and C is a programming language. It just so happens that Unix is written in the C language...

Is there any difference between turbo c and c plus plus?

turbo c is a compiler and c++ is a programming language.

What is the difference between 'C' and 'C-plus-plus'?

"C" is a structured programming language, function based, simple and compact. C++ is an object oriented programming language, but many people just use it as a "better C".

Difference between dos and c programming?

Actually simply speaking dos is an operating system. where as c is a programming language used to develop different applications.

Difference between java and C plus plus?

java is an advanced object oriented programming language than c++

What is the difference between visual basic and visual c?

The programming language: Visual Basic is a BASIC-like (or BASIC-derived) language, Visual C is... well C.

What is the difference between a programming language and a markup language?

in programming language we could write the code in java,c ,c++, the output will display on the prompt...but in HTML we could write the code in HTML , the output will display in internet explorer

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