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Difference between SQL Server 2000 2005?

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2009-05-24 08:52:45

There are books and classes that describe the version

differences. In a database, there would be too many to mention

here. It would probably be a 200 page book. SQL Server 2005 has

come up with new BI reporting tools, which is also called as

'Yukon'. This was the only significant reason to bring in the new

version of SQL Server 2005 apart from the basic elements of SQL

Server 2000.


Security:Owner = Schema, hard to remove old users at

times Encryption:No options built in, expensive third party

options with proprietary skills required to implement properly.

High Availability Clustering or Log Shipping require

Enterprise Edition. Expensive hardware.

Scalability:Limited to 2GB, 4CPUs in Standard Edition.

Limited 64-bit support. Security Schema is separate. Better

granularity in easily controlling security. Logins can be

authenticated by certificates.

Encryption Encryption and key management build in.

High Availability Clustering, Database Mirroring or Log

Shipping available in Standard Edition. Database Mirroring can use

cheap hardware.

Scalability 4 CPU, no RAM limit in Standard Edition. More

64-bit options offer chances for consolidation.

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