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The sulfate ion is SO42-

The sulfite ion is SO32- and is more basic that sulfate.

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What is the difference between sulfate sulfide and sulfite?

Sulfate is a polyatomic ion with the formula SO42- Sulfite is a polyatomic ion with the formula SO32- Sulfide is a monatomic ion with the formula S2-

What is chemical symbol for sulfite ion?

The sulfite ion is SO32- It is not to be confused with sulfate, SO42-

What is relationship between sulphate ion and sulphite ion?

The Sulfate ion is SO4 2- The Sulfite ion is SO3 2-

What is the polyatomic ion in FeSO3?

The polyatomic ion is the sulfite ion SO32-, the compound is iron(II) sulfite. (The sulfate ion is SO42-

What is the difference between sulfite and sulfur trioxide?

Sulfite is a ion, while Sulfur trioxide is a molecule

Does a sulfate ion has fewer oxygen atoms than a sulfite ion?

yesss Sulfate has 4 oxygen written as SO4 ^2- while sulfite has 1 less oxygen making Sulfite SO3^2-

What is FeSo?

I think you mean either:- FeSO4 Iron(II) sulfate or ferrous sulfate Fe2(SO4)3 Iron(III) sulfate or ferric sulfate FeSO3 iron(II) sulfite or ferrous sulfite Fe2(SO3)3 iron(III) sulfite or ferric sulfite (I believe this compound is theoretical - the sulfite ion reduces the Fe3+ to Fe2+ )

What is the suffix of the ion with more oxygen atoms?

ate as in sulfate, which is SO4 as opposed to sulfite, which is SO3

The difference between sulfate and sulfide?

Sulfate is a polyatomic ion with the chemical symbol SO4 and a valency of 2-. Sulfide is a monatomic ion with the formula S2-

What is the oxidation state of s in SO3 2 -?

The sulfate ion is SO42 -. The oxidation state of the sulfur is +6 (work it out!); therefore, the ion is more properly named the sulfate(VI) ion. The sulfite ion is SO32-. The oxidation state of the sulfur is +4.

What ions will Sulfur form?

Sulfur can form the sulfide ion (S2-) and the disulfide ion (S22-) on its own. When combined with oxygen it can form the sulfate ion (SO42-) and sulfite ion (SO32-).

What is the polyatomic ion SO4?

SO4-2The sulfate ion is a polyatomic ion made up of one sulfur atom and four oxygen atoms, that exists only if it can gain 2 electrons (from some metal cation or cations). It has a charge of -2. Note that this is the sulfate ion and not the sulfiteion.

What is the ionic charge of sulfite ion?

The ionic charge of a sulfite ion is 2+

What is the chemical formula for sulfite ion?

The formula for sulfite ion is SO3-2.

Does sodium sulfite contain polyatomic ion?

Yes: A sulfite ion is polyatomic.

What is the formula for hydrogen sulfite ion?

The ion sulfite has the chemical formula SO2-3. The hydrogen sulfite ion has the chemical formula HSO-3.

What is the difference of Sulfide ion vs sulfate ion?

A sulfide ion is an ion of just the sulfur atom on its own, whereas a sulfate ion is an ion that is composed of sulfur and oxygen, typically SO42-.

What are the charges for ammonium and sulfite?

Ammonium is NH4 + and Sulfate (I think you meant sulfate anyway) is SO42-. To make a neutral ion you need two ammoniums and one sulfate. It looks like this: 2NH4SO4 or (NH4)2SO4.

Explain how it is possible for a compound to have both ionic and covalent bounds?

Sodium sulfate is ionically bonded between the sodium ion and the sulfate ion. However, the sulfate ion is covalently bonded between the sulfur and the oxygens.

What is the difference between molecule and molecular ion?

a molecule is two or more atoms combined. a molecular ion has a valence charge. an example of a molecular ion is sulfate ion or ammonium ion. they both have a charge.

What is the chemical formula for arsenic sulfite?

Arsenic ion = As3+Sulfite ion = SO3-2Arsenic sulfite = As2(SO3)3

What is the symbol for sulfite?

The polyatomic ion sulfite = SO3-2

Aluminum will combine with the sulfite ion to form what?

Aluminum Sulfite

How can you tell if potassium sulfur is sulfite or sulfate?

K2S is potassium sulfide K2SO3 is potassium sulfite K2SO4 is potassium sulfate. In an ionic compound, the endings -ite and -ate indicate a negative ion that contains oxygen, with -ate indication more oxygen than -ite. The ending -ide usually indicates an oxygen-free ion with the exception of oxide and its variants.

What is the difference between sulfate and sulphites?

Aside from the difference between American and British spelling and the singular and plural, sulfate ions have the formula SO4-2 and sulphite ions have the formula SO3-2. Chemically, then, the difference is one oxygen atom per ion.