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No. Sulfur dioxide is sulfur and oxygen. Carbon dioxide is carbon and oxygen. They are two different substances.

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Are carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide the same thing?

No. Carbon dioxide is very different from sulfur dioxide.

How carbon is converted into sulfur dioxide?

Carbon cannot be converted into sulfur dioxide.Carbon burns in air to form carbon dioxide.Sulfur burns in air to form sulfur dioxide.A possible source of confusion is that coal, which is mostly carbon, can release sulfur dioxide when burned because it often contains impurities of sulfur.

Is carbon dioxide part of sulfur tellurium selenium or polonium?

Any relation between carbon dioxide and these chemical elements.

How many elements does sulfur dioxide have?

sulfur dioxide is made up of sulfur,carbon, and oxygen

What is a natural source of sulfur dioxide carbon dioxide and ash in the atmosphere?

Volcanos release sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and ash to the atmosphere at the same time

When a matchstick burned?

It is an example for a combustion reaction. The matchstick contains sulfur and carbon. Therefore two of the products would be sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide.

What elements are in Venus's atmosphere?

Iron, Nickel, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide. Source = School!

Carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide?

CO2 AND SO2 - dioxide is two oxygen atoms.

Does mars have sulfur air?

its mainly carbon dioxide

Is Nitrogen Dioxide a brown gas?

Yes it is, its not sulfur dioxide or carbon dioxide or nitric Oxide.

Which gas is in acid rain?

Usually Carbon Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide (Sulfur Dioxide if you are American)

What are the waste gases in a rotary kiln?

carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, sulfur dioxide causes acid rain. this is why rotary kilns are bad for the enviroment.

What are the gases that cars make?

Nitrogen OxideSulfur DioxideCarbon DioxideCarbon MonoxideWater Vapour

What are the ten gases?

Most common gas pollutants: Carbon dioxide Carbon monoxide Nitrogen dioxide Nitrogen monoxide Dinitrogen monoxide Sulfur dioxide Sulfur trioxide ChloroFluoroCarbons Methane Ammonia

What are the two main gases in a volcanoes emit?

Steam, Sulfur dioxide, Carbon Dioxide.

What gases are produced at a waste power plant?

carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide!<3

What are examples of covalent compounds?

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)

What is the site of carbon dioxide loading?

- carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere: - part of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is absorbed by the biosphere - part of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is absorbed by body of waters

What chemicals are released into the air when a tire is burned?

The principal components are carbon dioxide, water, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, soot.

What do volcanoes erupt?

Volcanoes erupt gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, and fluorine.

What is an advantage of solar energy over coal?

It does not release pollution such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

Two waste products formed from burning fuels are?

Carbon dioxide, water, sulfur dioxide

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