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DNA is a long, double helix. When you take that helix and wind it tightly around proteins called histones, then it is known as a chromosome.

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Q: Difference between chromosomes and DNA?
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What is the difference between chromosomes and DNA?

Chromosomes are the "package" DNA comes in.

What is the difference between chromosomes and genes?

DNA is in genes, and genes are in chromosomes.

The difference between chromosomes and genes?

Chromosomes are hole bunch of DNA, while the genes is a part of the DNA.

What difference between chromosome of prokaryote and eukaryote?

Chromosomes of eukaryotes are composed of DNA and protein. Chromosomes of prokaryotes have DNA only.

What is the link between DNA and chromosomes?

DNA is housed in chromosomes.

How is DNA different from the DNA found in chromosomes?

Do you mean what is the difference between DNA w/in chromosomes and DNA that is not? the DNA in chromosomes is tightly bound up (to histones) and therefore can not be accessed to be transcribed or replicated. Also this DNA may be methylated, or otherwise made inaccessible to enzymes that might act on it

What is the difference between chromatin and chromosomes?

A chromosome is a strand of DNA with proteins, that is usually found within the cell's nucleus. On the other hand, chromatin is a mass of genetic material containing DNA, RNA, and various proteins that forms chromosomes.**before mitosis, the DNA is loose in the nucleus in the form of chromatin. When the DNA begins to undergo mitosis the chromatin condenses to form the chromosome.The difference between chromatin and chromosomes is that chromosomes help to make up chromatin. Chromatin is made up of DNA and proteins, and is what makes the nucleus of a cell. Chromosomes make up the DNA.

What is the difference in DNA between the parent and daughter cell in meiosis?

the daughter cell has half or the chromosomes. The daughter cell has 23 chromosomes when the parent cell has 46 chromosomes!

Difference between homologous chromosomes and sister chromatids?

Homologous chromosomes are individual chromosomes inherited from each parent. Sister chromatids are the result of DNA replication, and the are identical.

What is the relationship between chromosomes genes and dna?

Chromosomes contain genes which are segments of DNA.

The relationship between DNA and chromosomes is most like?

When Dna is the Rain, chromosomes are the Rainfall.

What is the difference between autosome and chromosomes?

what is the difference between autosome and sex chromosomes

Describe the relationship between genes and chromosomes?

Chromosomes are made of DNA. Genes are sections of the DNA.

What is the relationships between chromosomes and a gene and DNA?

Genes are coded on the DNA in the form of nucleotide assemblies and DNA is a constituent of chromosomes.

What is the difference between Plasmic DNA and Genomic DNA?

the genomic DNA large and is the one that forms chromosomes. however, the plasmedic DNA is a small circular vector of DNA (3 kb - 5 kb)

What is the relationship between a chromosome and DNA?

DNA is made of chromosomes

What is the difference in dna between parent cell and daughter cells in meiosis?

Parent cells are diploids, and daughter cells are haploids. Therefore, the daughter cells have half of the the number of chromosomes as the parent cells. (chromosomes are DNA)

What are the links between DNA genes chromosomes and proteins?

Chromosomes are long strands of DNA which are held together by proteins.

What is the relationship between chromosomes DNA and genes?

DNA--> Chromosome--> Genes

What is the relationship between DNA Gene and Chromosome?

DNA --> Chromosomes --> Genes

What is the difference between DNA and chromosomes?

DNA contains the genetic instructions for a living cell's function. Chromosomes are thread-like structures that contain DNA and histone proteins. A chromosome is a loosely defined term, and vary widely among different organisms. DNA is a set of instructions, and chromosomes help fit the DNA molecules into a cell's nucleus. Chromosomes are essential units for cellular division and replication to insure genetic diversity.

What is the relation between DNA and Chromosomes?

chromosomes are tons of wrapped up strands of DNA located within the nucleus of cells

What is the difference between genes DNA and chromosomes?

Okay first, lets put things in perspective...In order of size:Chromosomes -> DNA -> Genes.Chromosomes are effectively big clusters of DNA. There are 46 chromosomes in every cell nucleus in the human body.The number of chromosomes vary between different animals, for example, Camels have 72.DNA is what makes up chromosomes. DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid.Genes are parts of DNA. They code for a particular function in the body. For example, eye colour. Genes occupy a specific locus on a chromosome. This is just part of a chromosome where the gene is found.Hope this helps!

What is the difference between DNA genes and chromosomes?

Genes are basic units of Inheritance and are the templates for the creation of proteins, whereas Chromosomes are the molecular structures within the nucleus that contain genes.

The major structral difference between chromatin and chromosomes is that the latter are?

Chromosomes represent the very condensed form of the DNA, that develop during cell division. Chromatin is the loose form of DNA that goes under a series of condensation steps (nucleosome-chains, solenoids and finally chromosomes) in order to be able to split DNA in equal amounts between the 2 new cells.