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DNA is a long, double helix. When you take that helix and wind it tightly around proteins called histones, then it is known as a chromosome.

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Q: Difference between chromosomes and DNA
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What is the difference between chromosomes and DNA?

Chromosomes are the "package" DNA comes in.

What is the difference between chromosomes and genes?

DNA is in genes, and genes are in chromosomes.

The difference between chromosomes and genes?

Chromosomes are hole bunch of DNA, while the genes is a part of the DNA.

What difference between chromosome of prokaryote and eukaryote?

Chromosomes of eukaryotes are composed of DNA and protein. Chromosomes of prokaryotes have DNA only.

What is the link between DNA and chromosomes?

DNA is housed in chromosomes.

How is DNA different from the DNA found in chromosomes?

Do you mean what is the difference between DNA w/in chromosomes and DNA that is not? the DNA in chromosomes is tightly bound up (to histones) and therefore can not be accessed to be transcribed or replicated. Also this DNA may be methylated, or otherwise made inaccessible to enzymes that might act on it

What is the relationship between chromosomes genes and dna?

Chromosomes contain genes which are segments of DNA.

The relationship between DNA and chromosomes is most like?

When Dna is the Rain, chromosomes are the Rainfall.

What is the difference between autosome and chromosomes?

what is the difference between autosome and sex chromosomes

What is the difference in DNA between the parent and daughter cell in meiosis?

the daughter cell has half or the chromosomes. The daughter cell has 23 chromosomes when the parent cell has 46 chromosomes!

Difference between homologous chromosomes and sister chromatids?

Homologous chromosomes are individual chromosomes inherited from each parent. Sister chromatids are the result of DNA replication, and the are identical.

Describe the relationship between genes and chromosomes?

Chromosomes are made of DNA. Genes are sections of the DNA.

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