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Elements and Compounds
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Difference between elements and compounds?


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November 01, 2011 12:22PM

meaning of compound : combinations of two or more elements

Compound (enclosure), a cluster of buildings having a shared purpose, usually inside a fence or wall

Compound (fortification), a version of the above fortified with defensive structures

Compound bow, a type of bow for archery

Compound (linguistics), a word that consists of more than one radical element

Compound (migrant labour), a hostel for migrant workers such as those

historically connected with mines in South Africa

Compound (music), an attribute of an interval or time signature

Compounding, the mixing of drugs in pharmacy

Polyhedral compound, a polyhedron composed of multiple polyhedra sharing the same centre


1. elements The basic assumptions or principles of a subject.

Chemical element, a building block in chemistry

Electrical element, an abstract part of a circuit

Heating element, a device that generates heat by electrical resistance

Weather, sometimes referred to as "the elements"