Difference between lotion and liniment

Updated: 3/22/2024
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liniments apply with rubbing & lotions apply without rubbing ;....[nazia raza]

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Lotion is a moisturizing product applied to the skin for hydration and softness. Liniment is a topical solution used for pain relief and muscle aches, often containing ingredients like menthol or camphor for a cooling or warming sensation.

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Q: Difference between lotion and liniment
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What is the difference between salt solution and calamine lotion?

lotion is applied without rubbing but liniment with rubbing lotion is an aqeuous external liquid but liniment is non aqeuous lotion is a suspension but liniment is an emulsion

Difference between lotion and emulsion?

Both lotion and emulsion are colloidal liquid mixture, having a difference that lotion is thicker than emulsion... [Mamun Mahmud]

What is the difference between smoothing on and rubbing on lotion?

I Have Heard That When You Smooth Lotion Your Not Getting It Into Your Skin. But If You Rub Lotion Its Getting Into Your Skin. I Am Not 100% Sure Though. This Is Just A Theory I Came Up With. :)

Where can i buy slone's liniment?

Where can I buy Sloan's liniment

What is the use for Warkins Liniment?

Watkins liniment is a pain relieving liniment. It comes in a cream base or in a spray form. Watkins has been selling this pain liniment for over 140 years.

What is the difference between Hydrocortisone ointment and Locoid Lotion?

Come on man you should know this, its something you learn when your 2!!

Why did they stop making internal liniment by watkins?

I think that internal liniment caused temporary hallucination

Can a tuba-tuba root be used as a liniment oil?

the tuba2x leaves are only used 4 liniment...

What is horse linemint?

Horse liniment is a type of 'lotion' you rub on your horses legs and body to relax it's muscles after a hard workout, or if the horse is older and needs it for his muscles. It's kind of like Icy Hot for horses :)

Why does lotion spill out of bottles in your suitcases when you are on a plane?

When the plane reaches altitude, there is a large pressure difference between the bottle and its surroundings, so they balance.

How do you use liniment in a sentence?

For muscle pains, bruises and sprains; apply this liniment to the affected area and massage in gently.

Who discovered the liniment oil?

the pope did