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Difference between system program and application program?


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System Programs or System Software are the programs which enable the computer hardware or system to run (without these the computer as a whole or parts of it's functionality would not work). Examples include the operating system, device drivers.

Application Programs or Application Software are the programs written to for specific applications or execution of specific tasks. e.g. Microsoft Word is an application software for word processing. internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are application software written for internet browsing. Computer games are also application programs.


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The operating system is the Main program that runs the applications. Think of you as the "operator" of the car, and the car is the application. You control the car to go.

in desktop system Intel ENGINEERS writes the operating system program(different ways in which a paticular program can be executed) and user (like software developers ) writes the application program n execute it on OSP.WHEREAS IN EMBEDDED SYSTEM both operating system program(OSP) and application progarm r WRITTEN BY ENGINEERS (TAHT IS USER CANT WRITE APPLICATION PROGRAM)

Both are software, operating system is software that will make your computer boot up and run. while Application software is a program that will run on a functional operating system.

The difference between a program flow chart and a system flowchart is that a program flowchart is for a single program. A system flowchart is designed for an entire system with each box representing a process.

application program are word, excel, tally etc. They are dependent on System program. Systerm program is a software that is needed to run a computer. Without the system program the computer is useless. System computers are: window, apple, XP, Macintosh etc.

System program mostly refers to base program on which application program is running on! Priority is for system program! For better understanding I'll can give you examples Operating System(OS), Compiler, assembler are System program Media players, word processors and almost all that we use often are application programs

A Database Management System or DBMS refers to the system that runs the database. Some examples are:MySQLMSSQLOraclePostgreSQLA database application program is another program that actually uses the database to manipulate and represent data. Some examples are:WikipediaAnswers.comphpMyAdminForumsWordpress

Software programs cover all types of program including applications. Application programs are best thought of as being user-level programs. This differentiates them from the system-level programs and low-level utilities such as operating system kernels, device drivers, subsystem programs and so on.

The terms can generally be used interchangeably, although some people will argue that an application is a "userland" program (that is a program that the user would use) and a software program could also be utilities and daemons, for example (software for the system to use, not generally for the end user).

Software is an application program that serves a specific purpose. System software is the application program that can run on a system.

System software is the software that runs the computer (a basic example is the operating system). Application software is the various programs that can be downloaded, installed, and used to run a program, for example: Text processor, spreadsheet, Video editor, and so on.

An operating system is a main program that serve as an interface between the users and the application programs.

there is no such thing is a software system and system software is operational program

Configuration: The choices made in setting up a computer system or an application program so that it meets the user's guide. Installation:Installation (or setup) of a program (including drivers, plugins act of putting the program onto a computer system so that it can be executed.

An operating system is a program that can be written in C

The major difference between an applet and a widget is that a widget has a host software system. An applet is an application.

The platform where they are supposed/built/meant to run. System software is a background software and the application system are in-ground software (on top of the system software).

System software is a program that enables computer to perform a specific task, as opposed to the physical components of the system(which is hardwares). Systems software consists of three kinds of programs. The system management programs, system support programs, and system development programs Application software is a sub class of a computer program that employes the capabilities of a computer directly and thoroughly tasks that user wishes. Application software does not deal with hardware.

application, stuff added on like internet browsers, microsoft, games system, operating system and stuff that make the computer work

System software is all of the software that a computer needs to function properly, like the operating system. Application software is what a user downloads to the computer to make it easier for them to access their personal programming. Application software is specific to the job it must perform, like a music program.

MS DOS is an Operating System, WordPad is an Application..

System Application Program

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