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Fax machine is the machine that send and receive fax, while fax modem is the gateway where the fax info passes each transaction.

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As nouns the difference between fax and printer

is that fax is fax (machine) while printer is one who makes prints.

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Q: Differences between a fax modem and a fax machine?
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How is a fax sent?

First, the document is scanned by the sending fax machine and converted into digital image data, which is then sent over a modem (very similar to a computer modem, but with a few differences in the specific protocols used) to the receiving fax machine, which decodes the image data and reconstructs the image of the original document.

How do you establish a fax tone?

With a fax machine or a fax-modem or some other type of fax program for your computer.

Would an external fax modem or an internal fax modem or a hand held fax scanner or a stand alone fax machine be installed by the manufacture?

yes. of course ---------------- Joyfax Server Fax Server solution

Can a computer replace a fax machine?

Yes, with the proper software, a phone line connection and a modem you can easily turn your computer into a fax machine.

Why might it be useful to add a fax modem to a computer system?

to use dialup internet, or use your computer as a fax machine

What is the difference between an answering machine and a fax machine?

a answer machine is to keep answers on there and its for when u dont answer the phone and a fax machine is for your fax

Different types of modem?

Since this was posted under Cable Modems, I'm assuming that you are asking about the (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) cable modem which allows different cable companies and different cable modem manufactures all to adhere to a uniform set of protocols and modulation schemes to allow for inter and intra market competition. Go to Wikipedia and search DOCSIS for more information if that truly was your question.

Is an HDA modem a fax modem?


How quick is it to communicate a fax machine?

most fax machines communicate at 4800 to 33600 bps, about the same speeds as a dial up modem.

what online fax services are there?

If you do not have a fax machine, or your printer does not come with a fax modem, here is a site offer free fax service online,

Do you need to turn off answering machine to receive fax vie fax modem?

No. You can still receive faxes even if answering machine is turned on. Just make sure you have enough ink and paper for the fax to be printed.

What is a fax modem?

Fax modem is modem than enables computer to send and received faxes. It can be internal and external.

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