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Different virus under Trojan horse viruses?

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The Trojan horse was first proposed towards the end of the Trojan war, it is unclear specifically when this was. First proposed by Odysseus to gain entry to the city of troy under the ruse of it being a statue to their patron god of the sea posiden. The Trojan horse conatined greek soldiers, which, once inside the city set in motion the destruction of the city of troy.

They are not mutually exclusive terms. Virus is a subgroup under diseases.

It was a large horse made by the Trojan's of wood with a door concealed under the belly, it was offered as a gift to gain entrance into a fortrace, once the fortrace doors were opened and the large horse was brought inside, the soldier's inside waited til all was quit and gained access to fight inside the fortress. So a Trojan Horse is a term used for a hidden virus, It is concealed in a program and then gains access through disguise into your computer....

a colt is a baby boy (foal) under the age of 2 a filly is a female foal under the age of 4 a gelding is a castrated male horse a stallion is a male horse a mare is a female horse foal - a baby horse

because viruses do not have all the characteristic

A Horse under 14.2HH is a ponie. Ahorse over that height is a horse.

# A horse 14.3h and under is a pony anything over is a horse!

a PONY is what they call a horse which is under 14.2hh a HORSE is what they call a horse which is over 14.2hh

A horse under the height of 14.2hh is called a Pony. Any horse over that height is called a horse.

If a horse is under 14.2hh he/she is called a pony.

People call horses different names. Here are a few...-Bronco (like bucking bronco)-Colt (baby boy horse under 4years)-Filly (baby girl horse under 4years)-Foal (baby horse(girl or boy) under 4 years)-Gelding (fixed/castrated male horse)-Mare (female horse)-Mustang (Wild horse found in North America and is a Horse breed.)-Nag (calling the horse a nagging horse)-Plug (Plug AKA stopper)-Pony (a "horse" under 14.2hh at maturity)-Stallion (male horse)-Steed (high-spirited horse)-Brood (A female horse that is mean to be bred)Hope this helps!♥Lavi

A horse is over 14.3hh and a pony is under 14.2hh [ hh= hand high] [ there measured in hands] [1 hand is about and adults hand]

Trojan Horse is a type of malware which involves embedding a computer virus software program onto the customer's computer or smart phone .Trojans function on the mechanism of attaching themselves into the keyboard driver and they record keystrokes. As soon as a Trojan detects that the customer has opened an online banking website, it captures the login name and password, and transmits the same to the criminal. This is a punishable offence under Section 43 of the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 with a penalty up to 10 million rupees.

theres different medicines at the shop under healthcare...

If a horse is under 14.3 hands it is still a horse and there isn't a specific name for it. It would be called a pony if it was under 12.3hh

It's not a horse if it is under 14.2hh it would be a pony!

A horse is called a pony under 14.2 hands. :)

Answer-Pony Its called a pony or small horse. Mostly if its an Arabian it can be called a horse or small horse or large pony. It is definitley not called a small horse. A horse is a different breed to a pony. It should be called a pony. 14.2 is large pony by hunter and dressage (FEI) standards. 14.2 is pony, and some will argue that 14.3 is even pony (FEI dressage defines pony as 14.3 and under). A horse is not a different breed to pony. Horses and ponies can be the same breed and be totally different sizes. It's all genetics. However there are breeds of ponies and breeds of horses which are entirely different from each other and one another; example: New Forest Pony/Thoroughbred Horse.

The horse falls under the class Mammalia. This is because the horse is a mammal. The horse is a part of the perissodactyla order and the equidae family.

NO. A pony is in the horse family like a donkey is. They have different breeds from horses but, horses under a certain height are somtimes called ponies, but they are short horses.

No. A horse under 14.2HH is called a pony. A foal is a baby horse.

when a horse is under 14.2 hands tall it is called a pony

A horse under 14.2 hh is called a pony.

I think you mean under 14.2hh. No horse has ever been above 25hh, I think... Anyways, a horse under 14.2hh is called a pony.

if a horse is 14.2 hh or under, it is called a pony, so technically you may own a pony not a horse.

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