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Chemistry can create dangerous circumstances if one does not know what they are doing. For example, mixing chlorox and ammonia can produce fatal gases.

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Significance of chemistry in your daily lives?

Chemistry plays a huge role in your daily life. Boiling water to make food for example is an example of chemistry.

What is the role of chemistry to your society and daily lives?

Chemistry permeates our lives in many ways that you wouldn't even think of. Many of the foods in the supermarket require chemistry. The pen that you write with requires chemistry to be manufactured. So it plays a pretty big role both in society as well as in our daily lives.

What is your contribution of chemistry to your daily lives?

Chemistry contributes to your daily life constantly. You use chemistry when you create a recipe or use a piece of soap. You use chemistry when you wear cosmetics or use shampoo.

How chemistry affect in daily lives?

example you're hungry you go to the refrigerator. and chemistry will affect you and your tummy

What is advantages of chemistry in daily lives?

medicines, water, food ,etc

Significance of chemistry in our daily lives.?

Chemistry, as we all know, is the central science. It is connected to other branches of science and of course connected to our daily lives for concepts of chemistry is always needed. Like for example: the materials we use everyday, it need concepts of chemistry. Chemistry also improves the way of life. that is all I can share.

What are the examples of application of chemistry in our daily lives?

Chemistry is all around. Some examples of the application of chemistry are antibiotics, prepared and processed foods, cooking and baking.

What are the disadvantages of chemistry in your daily lives?

Chemistry is the study of the composition, structure, properties and change of matter. By studying matter we have created many, many things. Some like Methamphetamine, RDX (Explosive used in C4), are generally looked at in a negative light due to their misuse.

What are the importance of chemistry in your daily lives?

It helps to do things easier. If we don't have the chemistry product in our daily lives, it would be hard for us. Like for example, we don't have chair on our school. It's really hard to sit on the floor almost half an hour. Just tr to imagine if we don't have them.

How does chemistry become part of our daily lifes?

How does chemistry become part of our daily lifes?

What is the importance of chemistry in our lives?


How has chemistry changed our daily lives?

All around us are chemical products: paper, cement, drugs, paints, solvents, etc.

What is the role of chemistry in our daily life?

Observe, everything is chemistry.

Give roles of chemistry to daily life?

branches of chemistry

Why chemistry is an integral part of your daily life?

Integral part of the chemistry

How Curiosity applied in your daily lives?

How curiosity applied in our daily lives?

How do networks impact on daily lives?

how do network impact our daily lives

What is the advantages of chemistry?

Chemistry has so many uses in our daily lives that we could barely survive without it. Chemistry knowledge and methods are used to make: Detergents, Drugs and medicines, Textiles, Dyes and pigments and Fertilisers, to name only a few products. See the Related Links for "Chemistry in Everyday Life" to the left for the answer.

Explain the importance of chemistry in your daily life?

Chemistry in your daily life includes what you are eating. You have to know what nutrients will help you maintain balance internally.

Application of electrochemistry in daily life?

what are the applications of electro chemistry in daily life

Where do you not find chemistry?

Chemistry is present in all the fields of science, technology and daily life.

How can you apply chemistry in your daily life?

By applying it

Importance of music in your daily lives?

we can use music in our daily lives by setting the mood

How does a transverse wave affect your daily lives?

how so waves affect your daily lives

How organic chemistry affect our daily lives?

For example foods contain organic compounds, car fuels are organic compounds, many dyes also, plastics, etc.