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its bad for the environment,and being a solid,its dirty

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Q: What are some disadvantages of coal?
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What are some disadvantage of clean coal?

Some disadvantages of clean coal is that it pollutes the air.

What are the disadvanteges of coal?

disadvantages of coal

What are the disadvantages if coal?

It will run out :(

What are some disadvantages of coal fired powered plants?

Some disadvantages of coal powered plants are; 1. a coal powerplant produces 3700000 tons of CArbon dixode in a year. this is also one of the main causes of global warming. 2. all the mercury taken from the coal has to be disposed, and usually it is disposed in a lake.

What are three disadvantages for coal?

it causes pollution

What is the coal advantages and disadvantages?

The advantage is that we get more coal. The disadvantage is that is it a very dangerous job

Is coal environmentally friendly?

No coal is not really environmentally friendly . There are a lot more disadvantages than advantages when it comes to coal.

Advantages and disadvantages of coal power stations?

advantages- its clean. disadvantages- its not as vierment friendly as solar power.

Why coal is widely used if there is disadvantages?

because the coal helps the person to cook if he or she does not have a stove or any cooking materials

What are the advantages and disadvantages of multistage compressors?

to coal engine and keep it safety

What are uranium's advantages and disadvantages?

Some disadvantages:- Uranium is a toxic and radioactive elementSome advantages:- Uranium is a very important source of energy without any greenhouseeffect; also some countries don't have coal, oil or methane but haveuranium.

What are the disadvantages to use coal as electricity?

Using coal to generate electricity releases many pollutants into the atmosphere. Some contribute to acid rain. Others, like carbon dioxide, contribute to global warming.

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