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Using coal to generate electricity releases many pollutants into the atmosphere. Some contribute to acid rain. Others, like carbon dioxide, contribute to global warming.

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We use coal to make electricity and fire.

Production of electricity is the main use of coal in the United States.

because we use coal production electricity

As of 2011, about 42 percent of electricity in the US was derived from coal. There is a push in the 21st century to use other methods of electricity since coal is harmful to the environment.

Trains don't use electricity it uses coal trams use however electricity.

Mostly for weapons. They use coal for almost all electricity. very dirty coal

Electricity production is the main use for coal around the world. Saving electricity means less coal will need to be mined, shipped and burned.

Since coal is used for electricity you can save coal for electricity

The main use of coal is in the creation of electricity via burning to power generators. Another less prevalent use of coal is in home heating with coal stoves.

Burning coal for elstricity has no advandages, it only causes disadvantages like making the air polluted and bad for the workers health.

Some heaters use electricity, some use gas, oil, coal, etc.

the coal fuels or powers the electricity

Primarily for electricity and home heating.

We burn it to gain the energy we can then use to create electricity.

Companies use coal to generate electricity. People use coal to heat their houses. Steam trains use coal to power their engines. Companies use coal and burn them to make hot air to spin their turbine to make energy.

TVA uses a large portion for electricity via coal power plants.

Coal-fired power plants produce electricity for our homes. People also use charcoal for barbecuing.

# Burn the coal to # Heat water to steam. # Use the steam to # Turn a dynamo which # Produces electricity. All fossil fuels (wood, coal, oil and natural gas) use this system.

I am pretty sure that LESS electricity is generated with biomass, meaning that its use is not as common as coal.

The coal mines dig up the coal from under the earth. The coal is then sold to whoever wants it. Some industries use coal for power. Coal-fired power stations are a huge buyer of coal. They burn the coal to heat water and use the steam to turn turbines which produce electricity. This electricity is then passed on to Energy Companies who sell the power to us.