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Some disadvantages of clean coal is that it pollutes the air.

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The advantage is that we get more coal. The disadvantage is that is it a very dangerous job

It is very important to use clean coal technology. The pollutants from burning coal causes health problems as well as environmental problems. The clean coal technology cuts back on these pollutants and provides a cheap form of energy.

Bruce G. Miller has written: 'Clean coal engineering technology' -- subject(s): Clean coal technologies, Environmental aspects, Coal-fired power plants, Coal-fired furnaces, Coal

clean coal is not renewable

Bituminous coal possesses a relatively low sulfur content, which causes it to burn more cleanly than some lower grades.

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CLEAN COAL, and people who say that there is are just trying to fool you. Burning coal always releases carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and other dangerous and noxious pollutatnts.

There is not any such thing !

Coal. Anthracite is a very hard very clean burning metamorphic type of coal.

Burning of coal, a fossil fuel is one of the principal causes of climate change and global warming."Clean coal" or "Green coal" is a theory that we can capture all the pollutants including sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide from coal as it is burnt and store them, instead of releasing them as greenhouse gases.The carbon dioxide will then be pumped underground into vacant spaces where oil and natural gas used to be. This will be known as "carbon sequestration".Countries that rely on coal for their economies and electricity generation (Australia, for one) are hoping that clean coal will let them continue using and exporting "clean" coal without the carbon pollution attached.Unfortunately there are no examples of successful coal "cleaning" so far.Many environmentalists believe that the term clean coal is misleading: "There is no such thing as 'clean coal' and there never will be. It's an oxymoron" (Sierra Club director, Dan Becker).Complaints are:Coal mining has a high environmental impactCarbon Sequestration costs will be extremely highThere is no sure science on how to capture or store the pollutants.A: Clean coal is essentially a lie made up by politicians to fool voters into believing the government is acting on the energy crisis. In the real coal industry, "clean coal" has been implemented in 6% of coal-power stations, and is now no longer being used in any stations. The chemistry behind clean coal produces highly toxic chemicals as a by-product, and hence cannot be used to fix the energy crisis. It certainly isn't good for the environment. As an example of the difficulties involved, Australia's coal-fired power stations produce 260 trillion liters of carbon dioxide every day (260,000,000,000 liters). The energy required to compress and sequester this would use massive amounts of the power generated by the "cleaned" coal.Clean coal is a term for technology (Clean coal technology) that mitigates emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gasses that arise from the burning of coal for electrical power. It reduces the harmful emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels.coal that is burned with technology that cuts the amount of soot and sulfur dioxide emitted

Advantages of coal: Coal burns warm and for a long time. Coal produces energy, Coal is easy ti mine. Disadvantages: Coal can spontaneously combust if it is not strategically piled and stacked and separated, also must be rotated throughout its pile. Pollution is another disadvantage of coal. It is also expensive to move around from one coal yard to another.

no clue! it is very clean energy so maybe there is a disadvantage that a 10 year old wouldn't know

Because coal absorbs the coal molecules and that makes the water clean.

Coal is used to take tiny sediment out of water making it cleaner, but not completely clean.

Because coal is a non-renewable fossil fuel that will run out someday.

By using Clean coal, One can reduce Pollution.

An advantage of detergent is that is cleans things. If its laundry detergent it helps clean clothes. If its dish detergent it helps clean dishes. A disadvantage of a detergent is that it is not biodegradable. They have a hydrocarbon chain which makes it biodegradable.

they clean the coal as it passes through with machines called 'scrubbers'

Ralph H. Sweetser has written: 'Clean coal' -- subject(s): Coal

'Clean coal' is a hope that one day we will be able to trap and safely dispose of the carbon dioxide emissions from burning coal. So far this has not been done successfully or economically. Many people think it will never happen.

I do not know as a fact that clean coal is being promoted more now, than before. I have no inside industry information on this subject. I've included a number of links on the "clean coal technology", with the first two links, spoofing the clean coal ads. So the clean coal ads have had a backlash on the internet. All companies in the coal industry have public relations departments, which promote environmentally safe practices and advances in technology to minimize pollution. Also, there are non-profit organizations, such as the American Coalition of Clean Coal Electricity, funded by energy companies. The list of the companies that are members is provided on their website. (see related link) If there is an increase in clean coal technology promotion (and I don't know if this is true), it may be due in part to the numerous efforts worldwide to curb carbon emissions based on climate change concerns. From the perspective of a coal company, there is always concern that there will be more regulatory action, making it more expensive to generate electricity. See related links.

"Clean coal" primarily from the Powder River Basin, is low in sulfur content compared to other coal sources, and therefor produces less SO2 when combusted. " Clean Coal Technologies" use chemical methods of "scrubbing" SO2 from exiting flue gasses before they can be released to the environment. One byproduct of this technology is gypsum which can be used in wall board for construction.

It's an advantage. It's free. It's renewable. It's clean, with no carbon dioxide emissions to cause global warming. And the more we use, the less fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) we need.

Some clean coal technology that reduces the emissions of green house gas, includes the 'Oxy Fuel CCS Power Plant'. This technology filters the and clean the carbon dioxide before storing in in the underground layer. This technology was invested by the government officials to tackle the global warming issues.

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