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A disadvantage for job rotation is that because staff members would be performing different tasks, if they discover it as a weakness, the task wont be performed as well as by someone that is strong at it. Another disadvantage is that staff could be rotated away from a task that they enjoy, or perform very well to a high standard which could lead to other staff members not performing the same tasks as well.

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Job rotation advantages are that people get trained on a variety of tasks. A disadvantage to job rotation is that no one will become proficient at any of the jobs.

Describe how job rotation can be used to combat the problems caused by job specialization.

Job rotation refers to assigning employees to various tasks so that they gain a wider experience. Horizontal job rotation would be when an employee move to jobs of a similar status. Vertical job rotation occurs when the new job is seen as a promotion (or demotion).

What ARE the advantages & disadvantages of job finding?

I think if you are going to have this website you should have a answer. Not to be mean but people or kids are going to ask questions you cant just say this question has not been answered :)

Job rotation is process of moving employees from one job to another in order to reduce boredom, increase job satisfaction and allow employees to gain more insight into the process of the business/ company. Job enlargement seeks to reduce boredom and increase employee's satisfaction by increasing the number of tasks the worker does. Both job enlargement and job rotation are alternatives to job specialization.

what are the advantages of job specification

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A disadvantage of crop rotation is that it decreases the crop flexibility and the variety that is added into the mix will decrease. Another disadvantage is that there is a high initial investment, taking time to see the benefits of the rotation.

iii) The benefits of job rotation to the employer are: -satisfied workers -easy in finding a backup when an employee needs to take off ( eg. pregnancy, illness etc..)

4 field crop rotation is better than 3 year crop rotation because it could get the job done faster

It turns the stroke movement of the piston(s) into a rotation.

From an accounting point of view, job rotation reduces the probability of embezzelment or other falsification of records because there is a chance that the next person to do that job will find any irregularities from the previous person. From an Accounting Manager's point of view, job rotation results in cross-trained employees leading to less disruption caused by abscences or terminations and could lead to higher employee job satisfaction and morale.

Staff rotation allows business to get the most out of their employees. Employees will be able to work any job in the organization.

The primary disadvantage of crop rotation is that it requires increased expertise, equipment, and differing management practices. Nutrient management programs have to be altered due to differing crop requirements. Weed control practices must be altered also. However, in general, advantages of crop rotation typically outweigh the disadvantages.

Job security. Which leads to not having anything to talk about with other people....because they can not find a job.

its when a person specailzes in one field or job of intrest

The advantages of advertising a job in a job centre is that is costs nothing for the business or the applicant, so many people will see the advert who are in need of a job and are most likely wanting to apply for the job.The disadvantages for advertising a job in the job centre is that the state runs it and therefore not specialist, so will not necessarily send the appropriate person for the job, as it is not specialist.

Primary advantage is that you might be able to learn how to do a job. Primary disadvantage is that you might not be able to do a job.

On the job training can have the disadvantage that if you don't like the job, you have already accepted it. On the job training can take a long time and frustrate the employee.

Cross-training, variety and expanded opportunity for advancement.

well the disadvantages of being a lawyer is that is a very demanding job so you might always be at home such as like on Christmas day. another disadvantages is that there is a lot of competition so is not always that easy to find a job, so you have to be the best.