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If you are talking about complete disassembly you should probably buy yourself a copy of "The Gun Digest Book Firearm Assembly Part 5: Shotguns" by DBI Books, inc.

If all you want to do is remove the barrel then after activating the safety turn the magazine end cap clockwise until it stops then turn the barrel 90 degrees clockwise and remove. You can certainly continue disassembly if you want to try as this is not a complacated shotgun. The description to do so though is quite lengthy.

I am assuming you are taking abouit either a Model #37 or a M#87

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Does Ithaca make a model 52 shotgun?

yes, i own one. model 52 featherlite

Where can you get a manual for a Ithaca 51 featherlite 20 gauge shotgun?

you can get one at:

How do you disassemble an Ithaca SKB model 900 12 gauge?

Remove stock from shotgun

How do you disassemble an Ithaca Model 49?

how do you disassemble a model 49 ithaca 22 rifle

Ithaca model 37 featherlite Serial 371261352?


What is the value of a 1977 Ithaca model 37 Featherlite 20 gauge?

This is a very nice shotgun with the woodstoc quite nicely refinished, natural and steel-wool finished with a polyuerathane finish

What is the value of an Ithaca 12 gauge Featherlite shotgun?

Sir, I was offered very nice condition Itahca Featherlite with 30" barrel, very little service for $200 Canadian, yesterday 24Apr05. The gun looks like it may be from the mid-60's. Hope this helps. Stewart

When was Ithaca shotgun 432467 made and how much is it worth?

You may contact Ithaca arms and they will date your shotgun for you.

What year is an Ithaca shotgun with serial number 348225?

Your serial number indicates that your Ithaca shotgun was made in the year 1920.

The value of a Ithaca shotgun?


Custom crafted shotgun by skb for Ithaca model 100 side by side?

I have an Ithaca model 100 shotgun . It appraised for $700.

What is the value of Ithaca 51 Featherlite 12 gauge auto?

Depending on the condition of this weapon, it is valued between $175 and $300.


what is the value of a Ithaca 12 ga shotgun

How much is a Ithaca model 37 shotgun in fair condition worth?

how much is an Ithaca model 37 shotgun worth in fair condition

What is the name of the strongest shotgun?

Ithaca or Remington

How do you find the age of an Ithaca Gun shotgun?

By the serial #

How do you find the manufacture date of an Ithaca shotgun?

serial #

What year was this Ithaca shotgun made serial?


What is the age of Ithaca shotgun serial 97646?

No way to answer.

What is the age of a Ithaca hamerless double barrel shotgun with a serial number of 91318?

It sounds as if you have a Ithaca Crass model shotgun,that was produced in the year 1903 by your serial number.

How old is a Ithaca double barrel shotgun serial 354979?

Its an Ithaca Flues model made in 1921

When was Ithaca shotgun 429772 made?

If that is an old double barrel "New Ithaca Double" it was made in 1926.

How do you fully disassemble an Ithaca SKB model 900 12 gauge?

Contact Ithaca customer service, and obtain the owner's manual. It includes instructions.

What is the value of an Ithaca model 51 magnum 3 inch shotgun?

An Ithaca model 51 magnum 3 inch shotgun is worth $275-$325, depending on condition.

What is the age of an Ithaca damascus double barrel shotgun serial 49149?

With the serial number that you provided,your Ithaca double barrel shotgun with the damascus barrels was produced in the year 1900.

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