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Disease is easier to spread in society?

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Disease is easier to spread in society today because people are more mobile. And because of mass production and shipments of food products are sent all over the world.

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What was one result of medieval towns being dirty?

It made it easier for disease to spread

What is a contagion?

A contagion is either a disease spread by contact, the spread of such a disease, or the spread of anything harmful, as if it were a disease.

Which will spread faster malaria or sickle-cell?

Malaria is spread by Mosquitos & Sickle cell is an inherited disease so it would be easier to have an outbreak Malaria.

How can dirty water effect you?

well it makes it easier for disease to spread but that's all i know it depends realy

How has the colonization of Africa created countries coped with disease?

It's easier in Africa to spread diseases than it is to catch them.

Do Macaque monkeys spread disease?

Macaque monkeys do indeed spread disease. These animals spread a harsh disease known as monkeypox.

How can disease spread?

i believe that a disease cant spread because it is not contagious

Can sloths spread disease?

Any infected creature can spread disease.

What are insects that spread disease?

Name three insect that spread disease

What doctor studies the spread of disease?

An Epidemiologist studies the spread of disease.

What is the life cycle of strep throat?

There are chronic carriers of strep in the society. They spread the infection to others. Some times the acute cases also spread the disease to others.

How and where is lyme disease spread?

Lyme disease is spread by ticks. Lyme disease can be pretty much everywhere.

How did the telephone help improve the Industrial and or Agricultural revolution?

Can spread news faster and easier Can spread news faster and easier Can spread news faster and easier

What is vector spread disease and the examples?

A disease which is carried and spread by an agent (animal or microorganism) is a vector spread disease. Eg. Mosquitoes are the vectors for malaria.

Does amoeba spread Lyme disease?

No. It does not spread by ameba. Ameba is a protozoa. Lyme disease is a tick born disease.

What caused the disease to spread to Italy?

Rats that were infected by the disease and have died on the side of the street to easily spread the disease

What is the most widely spread disease?

i think AIDS is the most widely spread disease

Which of these is a tree disease spread by beetles?

Dutch elm disease is a tree spread by beetles.

A disease that can be spread?

There are many disease that can be spread. Some of the common diseases that are spread are HIV, genital warts and genital herpes.

What is epidemics disease?

A epidemic disease is a disease that is rapidly spread.

How is the spread of foodborne disease different from the spread of person to person disease?

spread of foodborne dis.due to micro-organisms. spread of person to person disease through contact, air, and many other reasons.

How does parkinson's disease spread to other humans?

Parkinson's disease does not spread from person to person. It is degenerative brain disease and is not contagious.

What is a communication disease?

it is a disease that spread around

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