Do 1988 Corvettes have air bags?

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Q: Do 1988 Corvettes have air bags?
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What was the first year Corvette had air bags?

1990 - all Corvettes have a driver side air bag as standard equipment 1994 - all Corvettes now have standard dual front air bags for driver and passenger

Does the Corvette have an air bag?

Depends on the year. ALL newer Corvettes have air bags. Driver side only beginning in 1990, driver and passenger air bags first used 1994

What is the oldest Monte Carlo with airbags and do the 88 Montes have air bags?

1988 Monte's didn't have air bags, they never started putting them in until they came back out with the Monte in 95.

Can I put air in my air bags?

You can put Air in Air Shocks Not Air Bags

What does a stp air filter no. sa3914 fit?

Most C4 Corvettes.

Can you use air bags to raise sunken treasure?

Air bags designed for doing that, not auto air bags. Question was in auto repair.

Does the Geo Tracker have air bags?

does 1990 geo tracker have air bags

1988 Lincoln mark 7 the air suspension will not air up the front of the car. the compressor is putting out air but will not air up suspension what could it be?

Leak. Spray soapy water on the air suspension bags and watch for bubbles On bags. Also check in engine compartment wher the air suspension bags Top part are located 3 nuts or 4 don't remember , remove plastic cover that Hides the screw for bags. Listen for air leak from tha location. If that's where it's coming from replace bag.

Why are air bags good?

Air bags reduce the number of deaths in accidents on the road.

Why do automobiles need air bags?

Automobiles don't need the air bags, people inside the vehicle do. The air bags help people survive bad accidents.

Does a 1993 Pontiac grand am have driver side air bags?

Does a 1993 Grand Am have air bags

What do you fill air bags up with?


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