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Engine, speedometer, tachometer parts are totally different. Further, the engine computer for the '95 was an OBD-I system. The '96 through 2000 Contours used OBD-II engine management in the PCM (Powertrain Control Module). Suspension, body, and interior parts are interchangeable.

2007-03-15 00:46:26
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1998 ford contour is idling rough after it is warmed up what do I do?

Scan for codes, some parts store do it free.

Where is the tach wire for Ford Contour 1999?

I have a 99 Ford Contour that doesn't have a tach. (even though its a stick) I think most of the contours don't. Some of the Mercury Mystique's do though. I don't know if it still has a wire, if it doesn't actually have a tach.

How do you put the serpentine belt on a 1998 ford contour 20L?

I am trying to save myself some money and I want to change the serpentine belt on my 1998 ford contour 2 L manual transmission....any ideas out there I would really appreciate any advice.

Do corolla parts match tercel cars?

Some will, many won't.

Where can one purchase parts for a 1998 Ford Explorer?

One can purchase parts for a 1998 Ford Explorer from several different online retailers. Some of these include: Auto Parts Way, Ford, Auto Anything, and Parts Train.

Are ford parts made in Japan?

Yes some vehicle parts are made in Japan.

Does Ford make Dodge parts?

Not as brand-name parts. However, some of the same independent parts suppliers that make Ford parts also make Dodge parts, to the extent that a few parts are nearly interchangeable between brands.

Does Ford use GM parts?

Some parts in GM & Ford vehicles are made by the same manufacture to GM or Ford Specifications. Things like trim pieces, steering wheel, tires, wheels, seats, some emissions parts, etc. But by and large parts are not interchangeable although the same company may make parts for both auto manufactures.

Where might a person find Ford Focus car parts online?

One could find Ford Focus parts online directly from Ford. Some other places to look are eBay Motors, 247spares, Auto Parts Warehouse, Car Parts Wholesale, and Car Parts Network.

What are some classic Ford truck part sources?

Some sources for classic Ford truck parts include Hemming's and Melvin's Classic Ford Parts. Both have been in business for a long time and are well known in the part industry for supplying quality parts with competitive prices.

Are Ford automobiles made in Japan?

Not that I am aware of. Some parts for Ford vehciles are made in Japan, but no Ford is Made In Japan unless you are referring to some Mazda's which Ford owns part interest in.

Which dealers in Canada sell Ford car parts?

Many Canadian car dealers sell Ford car parts. Some examples of these car dealers in Canada include Advantage Ford, Moose Jaw Ford Sales, and Wilf's Elie Ford.

Is the Ford 7610 engine the same as the Ford 6610 engine?

Mostly. 7610 has turbocharger and some differences in some parts. In pistons for example.

What motors fit in 1997 ford contour 2.0L without modification?

Any of the 4 cyls based on same or "lima" block should go but unless you use exactly the same from a similar year you will have to change the computer, possibly some sensors and some parts of harness etc may differ.

Do Lincoln town car's and ford crown Victoria's share the same parts?

Some of the same parts. You would have to check with your local Ford dealer for part numbers.

Is a 97 Ford Ranger compatible with a 2000 Ford Ranger?

Depends on what you are trying to swap. Most parts are some are not.

Need lots of parts for the Ford Mustang auto repairs?

Mustangs of different years has different kinds of parts. Some are interchangeable, some are not.

Will a 1989 ford bronco transmission fit a 1991 ford bronco?

Make sure that the the two top bolts from the transmission match your engine block before attempting to install. Some are spread out and won;t match.

Where can one find replacement parts for the Ford Falcon cars?

Replacement parts for Ford Falcon cars can be found in several places. Some of these places include Dearborn Classics, Falcon Parts, JC Whitney, and Mac's Auto Parts.

Are 1998 mustang parts and 2001 mustang parts interchangeable?

It depends on which parts you are trying to interchange. Some are and some aren't - you can cross-reference the part numbers with Ford to be sure.

Where can someone purchase Ford F-150 parts?

One can purchase Ford F150 parts from any Ford dealership. If one is looking to purchase them online, Fordparts or eBay would carry some parts. Also some local places like Pull A Part might carry what one needs.

Where are the relays located on a 1997 Ford Contour?

There are a few in the fuse box in the passenger compartment and then some more the Auxiliary fuse box in the engine comprtment area.

What is the size of the fuel tank on a 1997 ford contour GL?

i thinks its about 50 L because when i fill my cars tank it took 42L and there was already some in there.

Why will a 2000 Ford Contour not turn off with the key but will stop when you turn off the AC switch?

I believe some wires are crossed or are connected to the wrong spot.

How is Ford related to Mazda?

Ford Motor Company owns a percentage of Mazda, and some plants produce both Fords & Mazdas. Some parts are interchangeable.