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Most women have a feeling that it is morally wrong to destroy their unborn children. Many women who have an abortion have remorse for the rest of their lives, there seems to be constant reminders every time they turn around. �What would MY child have been like?� �Would his eyes have been the same color as mine or the same as the fathers?� �Would she have been smart?� There seems to be a part of the human psyche that feels a responsibility to protect our children and when we do something contrary to that most basic need we cause ourselves emotional pain. On the other hand, some are able to rationalize or intellectualize the decision, and some even become angry that someone else might moralize on their decision. In short, given 100 people who have had an abortion you will probably find 100 individual reactions. As was said in the answer above, each woman who has had an abortion will react to it differently. Some will be fine with their decision, some will be sad but believe it was the best choice for them, some may regret it. The best thing for any woman to do before she decides what her decision will be (abortion, adoption, keeping the child) is discussing her feelings with a trusted family member or friend and deciding what is best for her. I am still having a hard time getting over my abortion because I feel alone. SOO PLEASE: if your considering this way of terminating your pregnancy. Talk to someone, other than a doctor, friend, husband boyfriend, or family member who is understanding.. I totally feel i need someone.. So anyone out there who needs to talk.. im me orangebabi1456 because I've been through it

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Q: Do Abortions hurt you emotionally
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