Do American people have a different accent to British?

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Yes they do.
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Should you use your British accent in front of other people even if you're American-born?

Answer: . YESS!. Long Answer: . If you have a family which has a British sounding accent and you have picked it up even though you were not born from the native country, you should be proud to have it. It is a rare position to be born in a country and have an accent different to many other pe ( Full Answer )

How do you get a British accent if you are American?

As an American living in London it is quite easy to get a british accent (or fake one) you can either take speech classes with a british teacher or go live in England for a while and see the accent.

What is the difference between the American and British accents?

Originally, both the British and Americans spoke with a rhotic accent. Rhotic essentially means an accent where the letter 'r' is pronounced strongly after a vowel. Rhotic accents are strong in both the US and Scotland, but seem to have disappeared from British English and its derivatives, such ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between an American accent and a New York accent?

There is no single "American" accent, but the accent used by most newscasters (Mid-Western) is considered to be an "American" accent. Native New Yorkers tend to pronounce certain words differently from the rest of the country. For example "cawfee" (coffee), "owa" (hour), daw (door) and of course Noo ( Full Answer )

Why do people have different accents?

If you think for example 200 years or more ago , there were no communication aids like radio or telephone , no-one travelled much unless they really needed to , and so there were many variations in language . In the same country people from one village or town or tribe , could possibly live their wh ( Full Answer )

What American actor actress does the best British accent?

Johnny Depp! He's from Kentucky! (He can also do a great Scottish or Irish or something like that!). Johnny Deep! He was born in Kentucky! So he has the best accent! (He also does a wicked awesome Scottish accent!)

Why do British people lose their accents when they sing?

It's a complex issue, not easily explained in print, rather than with vocal examples, but here's a start. Accents show up largely in (1) the rhythms and tempo of speech; (2) voice quality; (3) the "melody" of speech, the musical pitches, a feature known as "intonation." First the matter of intonati ( Full Answer )

Why do Americans hate the British accent?

Because, the accent makes Brits sound weak and midget like. Ialways thought as a child, Brits were people with special needs,because of the way they talked.

What are some examples for American and British accent same words different meaning?

Athletics England: Refers specifically to "stamina" sports, like jogging, jumping, sprinting, etc. America: Refers to any sport in general. Banger England: A beaten up car America: A musical tune (e.g., head banger) Bathroom England: Specifically refers to a toilet facility with a bath ( Full Answer )

Why do gay people develop a different accent?

This is a myth. Gay people do not develop a different accent. Ifsome gay men have inflection in their voices that identifies themas gay, then it was something they are born with,

Is there a difference between an English accent and a British accent?

There are many "English" accents from England. Scots and Welshmen are not from England, so would have their own accents, which again differ from place to place. That said, just as often people from elsewhere often accidentally say "England" when they mean "Britain" and vice versa, an English and Br ( Full Answer )

What are some words that are different in American than in British accents?

If you mean what things American and british people have different names for: British - American Bin = trash can rubbish = trash Crisps = chips chips = fries (i think) (car) bonnet = hood Jelly = jello footpath = sidewalk plaster = band aid trainers = sneakers (i think) shoppin ( Full Answer )

Why do british people have accents but Americans don't?

Americans do, in fact, have accents; just not to other Americans from the same area. If you sound different in dialect to someone else, and pronounce words differently than others, then it's likely you have an accent; in this case, everyone in the world has an accent.

Why do Americans find the British accent rewarding to listen to?

Because we over-enunciate everything! Same language, just sounds slightly snobbier! An alternative perspective from a(nother) Brit: Except of course for those of us with regional accents who drop our "aitches" and sound not in the slightest bit posh or snobby! However I think that's the point, the ( Full Answer )

Do American people have accents?

Yes. We hear our own regional accents easily, usually by how nasal our vowel sounds are. I understand that when trying for an American accent, most people lock onto the southern accent, but this is the extreme. If you want to see a Brit doing a perfect American accent, watch Hugh Laurie in the TV se ( Full Answer )

What is the different between british and Scottish accents?

Scottish English tends to be pronounced further forward in the mouth, and to have purer vowel sounds than Home Counties English. (But the vowel sounds of Scottish English are still much dirtier than Italian vowels). Scots also often trill the 'r', and pronounce 'ch' and sometimes 'gh' as gutturals. ( Full Answer )

How did Americans australians new zelanders canadians and south africans get their accent if they were decendants from british people?

All of these countries were colonized by British people from different regions of Britain, not to mention to earlier populations and immigrants from other countries. Not all people in Britain speak with the same accent--RP, what most people outside of Britain think of as a "British accent" is actual ( Full Answer )

Do Minnesota people have different accents?

People from different area's of the United States can have different accents. So, essentially, if you're not from Minnesota, you may think that someone from that state has an accent.

Why do Americans love British accents?

I think maybe because it is just different and rare to hear, I live in a small village in northern US and I've only talked to about two people with a British accent while not traveling. Personally I think they are just more attractive than American accents, I'm not sure if it is because I'm American ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the American and Canadian accent?

Canadians have a tendency of using long vowels, so when they say sorry it comes out "sOHrry" while Americans prefer short vowels. Also, Canadians say words like out and about differently, instead of "owt" as Americans typically say it becomes "oot" or "ewt"

Why do the American people have different accents?

Americans like every one else picks up on how words are pronounced from those around them at a very young age. And just like other countries, it differs within the country itself for the same reasons.

Was the American or the British accent the original English accent?

The British accent was the original although accents slowly change with time. It is interesting to note, however, that the original British accent was more like the modern-day American accent, and research has shown that it is the British accent which has evolved more since colonisation of North ( Full Answer )

What do Americans think of the British accent?

Personally, I love the British accent and wish that I could hear it all of the time. No certain part of Britain has an accent that bothers me. Every American will have a different opinion and remember Britain has a huge range of different accents.

Why don't Americans have British accents?

I don't see why they don't. The British DID colonize America, and Canada! The Australians and New Zealanders got them. Why? MY ANSWER: America had a huge influx of non-British people, especially after the war of Independence. And I'm sure that since we did REBEL from Britain, a British accent ( Full Answer )

Difference between an English accent and a British accent?

All English accents are British accents, but not all British accents are English accents. That's because England is one country in the nation of Great Britain. So if one was to speak in a 'scouse' or 'cockney' accent, this would be both English and British. But if you were from Wales, while your acc ( Full Answer )

Do British people make fun of Americans in American accents?

Yes, as there are people everywhere that immitate countrys accents and make fun of them. Answer The British have a long history of poking fun at almost everything. For an allegedly pompous race they have a remarkable sense of humour, much funnier than American slapstick. The British, unlike Amer ( Full Answer )

Can British People Fake An American Accent?

Of course. There are certain languages that make a person more adequate to do other languages accents but yes they can. Take the example of Hugh Laurie. He is the actor that plays Dr. House in the homonym show. He's British. You can also check his British accent in the Stuart Little movies. He plays ( Full Answer )

Why do British people think Americans have accents?

Americans do have accents, British people do have accents. When one has a different way of speaking than another then it is noticed. When a British person hears an American person speaking, the American does have an accent to the Brit. Answer Everyone has an accent! That's how British people ( Full Answer )

Why do you have American and british accent?

Imagine a group of people who live together and speak the same way. Any change in the way they speak (their dialect) will either pass to the whole community, or drop out of usage. Imagine some of those people move elsewhere and start their own community. Each group may develop different slang and ( Full Answer )

Do British people think in a British accent?

Well what nationality are you? do you think in your accent? Ifso, you've already answered your own question. . +++ . -) Not just accent - local dialect, too!

What words do Americans spell differently from British people?

There are actually a large but finite number, where the spelling in the US developed through separate US dictionaries. Sometimes the British spellings are acceptable variants in the US. They include, but are not limited to: or/our words : color-colour, honor-honour, neighbor-neighbour e/ae words : ( Full Answer )

Are british people born with accents?

we're born making baby noises that resemble the sounds around us, when we start to make longer sounds that resemble words and also resemble details of pronunciation that we've heard and the accent begins.

Where do people speak with a British accent?

There is actually no such thing as a British accent. There is an English accent, a Scottish accent, an Irish accent, or a Welsh accent.  These are generally spoken within their own countries (English in England, Scottish in Scotland, etc.). However, people all over the world may have a breed of a ( Full Answer )

What are the different types of British accents?

There are a few varieties of British accents similar to American accents it depends on the region where the person is from. Some of which include Liverpool and Manchester.