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No. my grandmother is asian and she has a stunning lack of brow!

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Yes they have eyebrows.

Thick eyebrows are not ugly. According to most people associating with beauty, thick eyebrows have been picked for most gorgeous. And something else...who would want their eyebrows to be a line? I am one of those people who wouldn't.

Asian people are from the countries on the Asian Continent.

You had it correct - eyebrows.

yes because people might shave or wax them

It depends on the Asian girl. I notice a lot of Asian girls and women have quite thick eyebrows, they seem to have the biggest proportion of women who have their eyebrows meeting above the nose, you do not see many European women with eyebrows meeting. This could be down to a number of things,they are generally hairier that European women, if that is the case these Asian women could have quite a bush of hair on their vagina's making them very hairy compared with Europeans. However, I have looked at some nude Asian women on some of these 'hairy women' sites here on the Internet and most of them are NOT really any hairier than European ladies, some are hairier than others, but that applies to the European women as well.

Some people use clear mascara on their eyebrows because it is a clear gel that can be applied to the eyebrows with a brush to tame them. It is also great for the eyelashes to put as a sealant over your mascara to stop it from smudging.

Chinese people are Asian because China is in Asia. They are also Chinese, but Asian people are not necessarily Chinese.

Of course! Surprised is an emotion not a body part. Even without eyebrows showing the surprise, you can still be surprised.

Yes. The country is in Asia, and they are considered Asian, so... Yeah. Laos people are Asian.

Not all Asian people do....... I'm Asian and I have never heard of that.

Asian people are not collectively as a whole shy though there are shy Asians. There are many out spoken and out going people who are Asian.

Because people have eyebrows, and he wanted to make his paintings real, not like something out of a Science Fiction movie.

to keep them trimmed and healthy looking

some people do live in Asian rainforests

yes Asian people eat pizza

Yes, Hmong people are considered Asian.

The trait of big eyebrows lasts only for 9 years at max. The people with big eyebrows have certain mutation in a gene that soon corrects itself. Sincerely, Dr. Jackton Gene Scientist

I have never met an un-cool Asian. Therefore, I can easily say that Asian people are cool.

Anyone who is born in the continent of Asia can be considered Asian. People of Asian descent can also be considered Asian although some people from the Middle East would not identify themselves as Asian.

If you are Nepalese and live in India, then you are both Asian and Indian. (All Indian people are also Asian). If you live in Nepal then you are Nepali and Asian. (All Nepali people are also Asian).

It means to dye your eyebrows a different color than they naturally are...people usually do this when they dramatically dye their hair and want it to look more natural by matching the shade of their eyebrows to their new hair color.

no because china is IN Asia, but you CAN call Chinese people Asian... :)

No, monkeys do NOT have eyebrows.

Yes, but they are not East Asian (or as people call them "oriental")

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