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The active ingredient in Birth Control Pills, e.g. hormones, are not affect by foods or beverages.

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Q: Do Birth Control Pills still work after eating food and drinking beverages?
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Does drinking while on birth control while harm you?

Drinking on birth control will not harm you.

Does drinking Slim Fast effect your birth control?

Drinking Slim Fast does not affect birth control. There are no food restrictions when on birth control.

Should you eat before taking birth control pills?

Eating does not effect your birth control.

If you are drinking alcohol does it make your birth control not effective?


Will drinking green tea affect the effectiveness of the birth control pill?


Will birth control pill work still if you are drinking alcohol?


Can drinking while on birth control affect you and cause pregnancy?

No it can't as long as you are taking your birth control pills as instructed and not missing any. Marcy

Is it okay to drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy?

No, drinking while pregnant can lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, miscarriage and other birth defects

Can a guinea pig stop eating drinking if she gives birth and some babies die?

They can if they feel like it.

Do the sugar pills on birth control make you gain weight?

No. You get more sugar from drinking pop

How do Guinea pigs behave before giving birth?

Well, They will start eating alot more and drinking and when they are about to give birth they will make this really LOUD noise!

Is it ok to take birth control while eating?

haha, yeah of course. All birth control does is give you hormones. If still unsure read all the directions and warnings that come with the meds.

What medications and substances can cause increased iron levels?

chloramphenicol, estrogen preparations, dietary iron supplements, alcoholic beverages, methyldopa, and birth control pills.

Is it safe to drink red bull while on birth control pills?

its fine but not like 24/7 drinking it tho

Is it possible for my partner to be allergic to my birth control?

If you're referring to a birth control pill, he wouldn't have symptoms of allergy unless he was eating them himself. If he has a rash or skin problem on the penis, he should see a health care provider.

What all does birth control do?

control birth

What are the symptoms of poisoned guinea pig?

Not eating or drinking, always scared, blood anywhere (Unless it just gave birth), weird stuff growing on their skin. :)

If on birth control can you still get pregnant?

Yes, you can. While birth control is reliable, there is no birth control that is 100% effective.

Is vaccine a useful method for birth control?

Birth control vaccines don't exist, but you can get birth control shots.

What does birth control do to your hormones?

Birth control is what is used to prevent unintended pregnancy, there are multiple different types of birth control that work in different ways, it is ignorant to say 'birth control' to mean one specific type of birth control. Without knowing what type of birth control you're referring to we cannot answer your question - some birth control does absolutely nothing to your hormones, some birth control completely shuts down your hormones.

If you were taking birth control and drinking and smoking while pregnant could that cause a miscarriage?

Yes - a miscarriage is very possible under these circumstances.

What do yasmin pills do?

Ysmin is a name for birth control. Yasmin is a name for birth control.a birth control pill

Enumerate the contraceptive used in birth control?

"Contraceptive" and "birth control" are synonymous. All contraceptives are methods of birth control.

Can the Depo birth control shot effect drinking at all for some reason every time I drink after getting the shot I get sick no I am not drinking a lot and this never happened before?

No it don't ..go see a physician

What is the best birth control pill for weight loss?

Birth control is not for weight control.