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Do Bromeliads ever re-bloom?

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According to the University of Florida: Many factors cause bromeliads to bloom such as plant age, day length, light intensity, water and temperature. Some bromeliads bloom quite regularly while others do not. Research on the flowering process has shown that bromeliads can be induced to flower by exposing them to ethylene gas (a product of burning wood and leaves and ripening fruit and vegetables). After exposure to ethylene gas, the flowers appear, depending on the genus involved, within 6 to 14 weeks. A simple method that a home gardener can use to start bromeliads' flowering is to place a healthy, mature plant with all the water drained from its cup inside a tightly closed, clear plastic bag for a week to 10 days with a ripe apple. During senescence (aging process), the apple releases ethylene gas that, in turn, induces the bromeliad to flower.

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Where bromeliads are live?

where bromeliads are live

Will an iris rebloom after the stem is cut?

An Iris will rebloom the next year if you cut the stem.

What is the symbiotic relationship between a tree frog and bromeliads?

Tree frogs have a commensalism relationship with frogs. Frogs live in bromeliads, but bromeliads are not affected at all.

How do bromeliads smell?

bromeliads smell pretty good you know but all flowers have a good smell

What layer of the rain forest does the bromeliads live in?

what layer of the rain forest can you find a bromeliads

What layer in the rain forest does the bromeliads live in?

what layer in the rain forest does the rain forest the bromeliads live in

What eats bromeliads?


Where do bromeliads grow?

in trees

Where do Bromeliads get their nutrition from?


What layer of the rainforest are the bromeliads in?

in the canopy

Do toucans eat bromeliads?


Do monkeys eat bromeliads?


Where do you find bromeliads?

you find them in tropical rainforests.

What plants are found in the Amazon rain forest?


What eats a bromeliad?

Spider Monkeys ear Bromeliads

Where do bromeliads grow in the rainforest?

in the north part of the rainforest

Are bromeliads poisonous to cats or dogs?

No, they are not. Don't worry.

What types of flowers grow in the everglades?

orchids and bromeliads

What is Scientific name of bromeliads?

The name is Bromeliaceae.

What are bromeliads?

bromeliads are special plants that store water in their leaves . animals like frogs use these pockets of water for laying their eggs.they are found in in amazon basin

What time do iris bloom?

Iris blooms in the late spring but some will rebloom in the fall.

Do sloths eat bromeliads?

yes they lik,e to eat other plants too they like bromeliads because it holds alot of water and they dont have to get water for a long time

What is the difference between vermiliads and bromiliads?

bromeliads is not spelled bromiliads

Where in the world do bromilaids live?

Bromeliads come from South America.

What plants live in the canopy layer of the rain forest?

bromeliads and orchids