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Cadillac dealers will have many other models other then just Cadillac's in their car lot. You can ask the dealer to show you the other makes and models that they have for sale on their lot.

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Q: Do Cadillac dealers sell other brands too?
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Are there any BMW dealers in Ontario?

There is a BMW manufacter dealer in the Ontario, Canada area. There are also several other dealers that sell other brands as well as the BMW brand, new and used.

How many Cadillac dealerships are there in Maine?

There appears to be approximately 8 Cadillac dealerships in Maine that I am able to locate. There are many other used dealers that sell all different types of cars including Cadillac this being dependent on their inventory at any given time.

Where is it possible to watch Cadillac commercials?

It is possible to watch Cadillac commercials on Youtube and Vimeo. One may also see Cadillac commercials or videos at the websites of dealers which sell Cadillacs.

Do most motorcycle dealers sell multiple makes and models or do they only sell one make?

Some dealers sell multiple brands of motorcycles but most do cater to a specific make. If your looking for a particular one you can do a google search for a dealer in your area.

Where can one purchase Cadillac floor mats?

Floor mats for Cadillac vehicles can be purchased from Cadillac dealers. They can also be found at department stores with an automotive section such as Sears, stores that sell auto parts and accesories, and on Amazon.

How many Lexus dealers are listed in Boston?

There is not a assigned lexus dealer in the boston. MA area. There is several dealers that sell the Lexus brand as well other luxury brands. The closet Lexus manufacter dealer is in Waterford MA which is over 20 miles away.

What vehicle brands does Conicelli Autoplex of Conshohocken PA sell?

Conicelli Autoplex dealership of Conshohocken, Pa sells Honda, Scion, Cadillac, Toyota, Hyundai, and Nissan brands. They also offer Volkswagen Jetta and Ford brands.

What degree do you need to become a Cadillac dealer?

You do not need a degree to become a cadillac dealer. In some states you are required to have a dealers license if you want to buy and sell more than 5 cars within a one year period.

What are the different types of auto dealers?

There are three types of auto dealers. Wholesale dealers sell to wholesalers and auto dealers rather than to the general public. Retail auto dealers are allowed to sell to auto dealers like Wholesale dealers, but they can also sell to the public. Finally, Auto brokers are allowed to sell autos on behalf of a customer (consignment).

Are there many Hyundai dealers in the San Francisco area?

Yes. there are a reasonable amount of Hyundai dealers in San Francisco. There would be close to fifteen Hyundai dealers in and around the city and other car dealers who also sell Hyundai.

How many vehicles can you sell in Maine without a dealers license?

You can sell 4 in a 12 month period without a dealers license. Sell that 5th vehicle and you need a dealers license.

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Which dealers online sell cheap cars?

Many dealers online sell cheap cars. The best thing to do is to look for dealers in the area you live and find them online and see if they sell online.

How many cars can you sell in wy without a dealers licence?

It varies from state to state. In some states if you sell even 1 car for a profit you need a dealers license. In other states you can sell up to 12. Click the link and find your state in the list.

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Drug Dealers are people who sell drugs to people for money.

Dealers that sell vintage1980 peugeot tsm mopeds?

there are no dealers that sell that particular bike. it is rare, and highly sought-after.

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What are branded shops called that sell other brands within it?


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How many Infiniti dealers are there in the US?

There are over 400 authentic Infiniti dealers located in the United States. There are thousands other dealerships in the US that sell used Infiniti vehicles.

Where could you sell silver?

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How many cars can you sell per year in Florida without needing a dealers license?

You can sell 2 without a license. Once you sell that 3rd car you need a dealers license.

Can a wholesale auto dealer sell a vehicle to an individual?

A wholesale car dealer is a car dealer that cannot sell vehicles to the general public, and can sell only to other car dealers.