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As of May 2011, Chris Brown and Rihanna are no longer dating.

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Chris and Rihanna used to date. Chris beat her up.

No, Rihanna doesn't talk to Chris Brown anymore because she dates Drake and she is way over him... Chris Brown is over Rihanna too, he dates anybody that he wants to date.

Chris Brown and Rihanna use to date then they broke up.

no she used to date chris brown

chris brown dated rihanna in 2008 threw 2009

Chris brown might date one of his fans. But at the moment he is dating Rihanna.

She used to date Chris Brown but he beat her.

yes they arlready go out

I doubt it...after the drama rhianna made Chris brown go through I do really doubt it

Yes, Shia Lebeouf has dated Rihanna and after they broke up Rihanna started to date Chris Brown a while later.

nope! He's rumored to be dating Rihanna

February 8, 2009. In the Mourning.

The morning of February 8, 2009.

Chris Brown isn't married, but he did date Rihanna a couple years ago

they went out on a date 1 time and kissed,now chris brown is dating rihanna

well,right now she's dating Chris Brown but it can change

Well he dated Rihanna, so no.

She is currently dating R&B star Chris Brown

yes. Chris brown and Rhianna are still dating. according to my sources Rhianna is still madly in love with Chris brown and intends to date him and love him no matter what he does to her. plus he is now in prison for abusing Rhiannaif u don't believe me go on this site- brown is not in jail.. He wont go to jail for this matter.. Per the same site this is what it reads..Chris Brown won't go to jail for assaulting Rihanna. The question now is whether his plea-bargained penalty - community labor, probation, domestic violence classes - will reform his behavior and save his career.dnt go babe chris brown i luv hym

chris brown..... well they should date all though he beat up rihanna they still would be great together!

About in 2007, but now they are not dating any more.

it happened the day of the grammys... Feb. 8th

No, she is only a couple of years older than he is.