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Christian women who marry Muslim men don't have to convert to Islam.

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Can Muslim boy get married with Christian girl?

yes a Muslim boy can get married to a Christian girl but he can't force her to convert to Islam unless she asks to convert.for example my uncle married a Mexican women and he never asked her to convert to Islam after being married for 10 years she converted:)

Can a married Muslim man have a happy marriage with his married christian woman?

this is one of better way to convert christian to islam .

In islam can a Muslim girl get married to someone who's not a Muslim?

No A Muslim girl can't get married to a non Muslim man; per Islam teachings and rules. She can only get married to a Muslim (or convert to Islam) man.

What happens if you want to marry somebody Muslim?

AnswerIf you are a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish girl then you can licitly get married with the Muslim man. If the girl is neither Muslim, Christian, nor Jewish, then she can't get married with a Muslim man unless she converts to Islam with sincere faith.If you are a non-Muslim man then you can't marry with the Muslim girl unless you convert with sincere faith to Islam.

Does a christian woman have to convert to a Muslim when they marry?

No she does not need to convert to Islam for marriage with a Muslim man unless she gets convinced in Islam faith regardless the marriage. A Muslim man can, per religion, marry a Christian or a Jewish woman.

What would happen if a Muslim women could convert a christian man into Islam and believing in the Quran?

When a Christian man cinvert into Islam he becomes a Muslim and Islam rules apply to him, e.g he can marry a Muslim woman.

Did zayn malik's mum convert to Islam?

no. zayn is half muslim half christian

Can a Muslim boy married to a christian lady?

we are not aloud because it is not aloud in islam.

Did Michelle Obama convert to Islam when she married the President?

No, neither Michelle or Barack Obama are Muslim. The president comes from an Islamic family, but he himself is reportedly a Christian.

Can a Christian man marry a moroccan Muslim lady?

no they cannot because it is against Islam. if the christian man converts to Islam then they can be hapily married.

Christian woman marrying a Muslim man do you have to become a Muslim?

depends if the ma takes Islam seriously then he will tell you to convert to Islam if he doesnnt then you don't have 2

If a Hindu girl loves a Muslim boy and she wants to marry him should she has to convert to Islam for marriage?

Updated AnswerIn Islam, it is not allowed for a Muslim man to marry A Hindu girl. He can marry a Muslim, Christian, or Jewish girl. So, the girl should convert religion to Islam to be able to get married with the Muslim man. However, she should be first convinced in Islam religion and should accept the Islam five pillars and Islam morals. See the related questions below for more information.

Can a woman marry a non Muslim?

If she is Muslim she must marry only a Muslim man,if she is Christian or Jewish she can marry a Muslim man, andif she is neither Muslim, Christian, nor Jewish she can marry a Muslim man only if she converts to Islam, Christianity, or Judaism (of course preferably to convert to Islam religion).

What is Tech N9ne's religion?

The rapper Tech N9ne is Christian. He was raised Christian until he was 12. His mom married a Muslim and tried to convert Tech N9ne to Islam, he continued to read bible verses and remained a Christian.

Can a married Muslim be with a christian women?

Yes. As a matter of fact, Yasser Arafat himself married a French Catholic. after converting her in Islam no way a Muslim can do that

Why did Akon convert to Islam?

Akon did not convert to Islam. He was born Muslim.

Can a Muslim girl marry a Christian boy if he changes into a Muslim?

Yes, a Muslim girl can marry a Christian man if he converts to Muslim. However, the man convert into Islam should be based on true and deliberate belief in Islam and Islam principles not converting to Islam only to make the marriage legible with the Muslim girl. See related question below for more information.

Is it possible for a Christian woman to not be required to convert to Islam to marry a Muslim man?

Yes it is possible, A muslim man may either marry a muslim woman, a christian woman, or a jewish woman

Could you marry per Islam your girlfriend?

If you are Muslim man, then yes you can marry her on condition that she is Muslim, Christian, or Jew. If you are not a Muslim man, you can't marry the girl friend if she is Muslim unless you convert; with true belief and free will; to Islam.

Can a Muslim woman marry a convert?

Yes, a Muslim woman can marry a convert to Islam religion. However, the convert into Islam religion should have full belief and faith in Islam. Conversion to Islam should not be just to get right to marry a Muslim woman.

Who is better christian or Islam?

obviously muslim/islam

Can a Muslim man kiss a non Muslim woman?

Only married people may kiss or be affectionate/intimate. Apart from another Muslim, a Muslim man may marry a Christian or a Jew and he is forbidden from making any attempt to convert her as acceptance of Islam must be from free will, in which case a Muslim man can certainly kiss a non-Muslim wife (Christian or Jewish).

How Muslim man and christian woman get married?

When a christian girl marries a Muslim boy mostly se will have to become a Muslim. _____________________________________________________________ They marry without need for the Christan woman to convert to Islam religion. In Islam, the followers of Christianity and Judaism are called 'People of the Book' as they are holders of the holy books Torah and the Bible that Muslims believe in them in addition to believing in their own holy book Quran.

Can a Muslim man marry a non Muslim women who has child out of wedlock and does not want to change religion?

The first Islamic rule is that, per religion, a Muslim man can marry only a Muslim, Jewish, or Christian woman. So, if this non Muslim woman is Christian or Jewish, then per religion, the Muslim man can marry her without need for her to convert to Islam. otherwise, she should convert to Islam to be able to marry the Muslim man. However, her convert to Islam should be based on fill belief in Islam and not just for marriage purposes. As for the child out of wedlock, the child should reported officially in his/her birth certificate to his/her true father not to anyone else. Then, it is left for the married couple choice to agree upon where the child to be raised up.

When did zakir naik convert to Islam?

Zakir Naik was a born Muslim and he did not have to convert to Islam

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