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Since I don't know all Christians and for that matter, nobody does, I'd have to say I don't know. Why would you think that we don't believe in gravity? There are probably some who don't. But for the most part, it would be safe to say "Yes, Christians believe in gravity." It's really just another form of faith if you think about it. Belief is not the right word. There are people who understand gravity is a valid theory and people who don't. It's just like evolution. You can believe in creation because it's just a story but evolution/gravity are valid facts and theories that can be tested. Gravity is a term given to the power that holds everything on this earth. Spiritually, a Christian may see this power as God. Others just call it gravity because that's what someone named it. The force that holds everything together could be recognized by "gravity" or "A Power of God". Both terms should be accepted. A Christian should adapt to modern culture and call it gravity, since it is so widely accepted. Others shouldn't get all over the Christians and call them "intolerant" by believing in God so much. That's their faith. So, all Christians do believe in gravity. Some Christians just like to refer to gravity by using a different relation. So, all other non-Christians believe that God holds everything on earth. They just like to call it gravity, since the word is more accepted into today's society. Both terms are the same thing. Caution: Gravity works whether you believe in it or not. Gravity does a whole lot more than just hold everything on this earth. It affects the entire universe, in which the earth is merely a very tiny spec of moist dust. Also, there are other faiths that believe in God, not just the Christians.

And another point: As far as '...all other non-Christians believe that God holds everything on earth'; that cannot be true. The world is not divided into Christians and non-Christians, because there are so many different groups of people with so many different faiths and different levels of education. To lump them all together into one group called non-Christians is unfair, to say the least, to both the Christians and everybody else. I am sure that there are non-Christians that believe in gravity and also others that do not. Besides, gravity works without requiring faith or belief, just get out of bed in the morning and stand up.

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Q: Do Christians believe in gravity
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