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Do Collection Agencies settle debts after they summon you to court but before the court date and if so what procentage should you expect to pay?

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2006-08-28 18:52:33

Yes, they could settle on amount before court--I usually tell

people to start at half of what is owed if the debt is under 2 yrs

old. That of course doesn't mean that the collection agency will

accept that. Really and truly, it depends on if they bought the

account and how much they paid for it. If it is older--start a

little lower than half. Whatever you offer--make sure it is

something that you can do immediately (within 30 days). State your

case- tell them you are trying to clean up your credit. If the

amount they want is more than you can afford--try to settle for

more time--like 2-3 months with the balance divided by the months.

($900.00 is settled on--2 months to do it $450.00 a month--3 months

$300.00 a month.) !!!DO NOT WRITE ANY POST DATED CHECKS--there have

been too many mistakes made and you don't want to find that you are

now overdrawn with more fees added and the money needed for

utilities-rent is gone!!

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