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Te balance owed on a defaulted account will continue to accrue interest and penalty charges until a settlement of some sort is made. The interest charges and any applicable fees are regulated by state law where the debtor resides or in some cases the state where the contract was made. Not to be overlooked is the fact that many of the amounts reported by collection agencies are based on incorrect and unenforceable interest and fees. Do not hesitate to request an accounting of these amounts. Do not expect cooperation without effort.

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Is there a dollar amount for collection agency's to report to the credit bureau?

A collection agency can report you to the credit bureau for any amount of money. There are agencies that will report for amounts under a hundred dollars.

Collection agency laws?

if a collection agency has not bought out my debt from the original company can the collection agency look up my credit report?

If a second collection agency takes over a unpaid debt can they have that collection put on your report?

Yes the second collection will be placed on the credit report. But they will remove the first collection agency off the report. In some states it is against the law to be double billed by two collection agency for the same debt.

If you settle an old credit card debt with a collection agency paying the negotiated price in full will the collection agency remove the collection from your credit report?

No the collection will not be removed from the credit report. They will show it paid in full.

How do you find out from a collection agency who sent you to them for collection when you never was notified that you were in collection you discovered it on your credit report?

File a dispute with the credit reporting agency.

What happens if you do not pay a collection agency?

if a collection agency isn't paid, the debt can be put on a persons credit report. The collection agency can also choose to garnish a persons paycheck.

How many times can a collection agency inquire on your credit report?

Unless you have given a collection agency written permission to pull a full credit report they are in violation of credit laws.

If you pay a collection agency does the collection come off of your credit report?

Yes you tell the collection agency you will pay ONLY if they can give you a letter that say they will delete the item from your report it's call pay for deletion

Can an unpaid ambulance bill hurt your credit?

Yep! If the ambulance company turns your account over to a collection agency that agency might report the collection on your credit. Medical collections are the most common type of collection on a credit report.

Are you asking a collection agency to falsify your report if you ask them to remove a paid account from your credit report?


If vehicle was repossessed in 2004 but ex spouse stopped paying consistently in 1999 What date must the collection agency report to the credit bureau?

The collection agency typically does not report to the credit bureaus, the original lender does. Lenders report to the bureaus, collection agencies collect on delinquent debt.

What does it mean when your credit report states that you have a paid closed collection account on you credit report?

The original account with a normal credit company went to a third party collection agency. Only after it went to the collection agency was the debt paid and then the account closed.

How do you report someone to a collection agency?

You have to contact the collection agency and broker a deal with them. The agency will buy the debt from you for much less than the debt is worth. The agency will then contact the person, and keep any money paid by the person.

Can a collection agency report a collection and then not update it?

In Part: No it has to be updated if the balance is revolving and going up or down monthly.

Can a collection agency for a parking ticket be put on your credit report?

It wount be a collection aggency. But the city can put a judgment on your credit report that will effect your credit score.

Where can you find the phone number for a collection agency on your credit report?

Whenever I am helping a client with a collection agency, the first thing I do is try to contact the state agency that licenses collection agencies. I also try searching on Google and that usually works.

Where do you pay collection accounts that are reported on your credit report when the company is out of business or no longer handles the account that was reported for collection?

You pay the collection agency.

Asking If you pay the collection agency can you have the derogatory item removed from your credit file?

pay the collection agency, then check what their report is about you, if not good threaten to get a attorney and bring suit

How can you mend your credit after a paid collection?

Only the credit bureaus the collection agency can remove a collection from your credit report. The collection agency won't do it now since it is paid and they have no reason to. You can dispute it to the credit bureaus and ask for verification on the account. They will have 30 days to verify the items or it must be removed from your credit report.

Can a collection agency report a debt without contacting you first and claim to not have your current address on file?

I have no answer, but want to know how to get the collection agency to remove a false report from my credit rating. They called once and never sent anything in writing, however have posted to my credit report.

Can a collection agency report and collect a debt that is shown as a charge off from another creditor?

Yes. When creditors charge off accounts they send them (or sell) to a collection agency. The collector can request the debtor's credit report show that the account has been turned over for collection procedures.

Which agency oversees the collection of information that's compiled into the Uniform Crime Report?


Which agency oversees the collection of the information that's compiled into the uniform crime report?

The F.B.I.

Can a collection agency report the same debt more than once a month to the the credit bureaus?

You did not include a jurisdiction for your question. Where I live the collection agency can report any failure or late payment of a scheduled payment. That means if you are on weekly they can report you weekly. If you are late by 1 minute they can report that every time also.

How do I remove a collection item on my credit report that was disputed but not removed?

Only the collection agency or the credit bureaus can remove a collection off a credit report. You can negotiate the removal of the collection off the credit report upon final payment of the debt owed. Some collection agencies have policies against this, some don't. You can also redispute it to the credit bureaus as many times as they will let you. It has a higher chance of being removed if it is paid off and an older account.