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Yes, Colombia has an army.

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Which is the best south American army?

it is actually the colombian army.due to the internal conflict , the army is in constant training and no other army in even latin America has the experience colombia has in dealing with armed conflict. Colombia even trains army from other countries, like irak.

Activities of national liberation army of colombia?

Kidnapping, killing, giving the left a bad name.

Where does the last name Restrepo come from?

medelin colombia medelin colombia medelin colombia medelin colombia medelin colombia medelin colombia

How did Colombia gain independence from Spain?

Bolivar rose to become a leader of the rebel forces, he led an army to venezuala over the Andes Mts. and into colombia. There Bolivar took spanish forces by surprise and defeated them in 1819. (: k

What is Colombia culture?

Colombia culture is the culture of Colombia.

What was the first queen from Colombia?

Colombia has never had a monarch. Colombia has never had a monarch. Colombia is a democracy

Is the Sahara or Colombia closer to the equator?

Colombia-the equator runs directly through Colombia ---- Colombia NOT Columbia

How do you spell Colombia?


How far away is Bogota from Colombia?

Bogota is IN Colombia, it is the capital of Colombia.

How is the government system in Colombia?

The government system of Colombia is a democracy and Colombia is a Republic. The current president of Colombia is Juan Manuel Santos.

What bodies of water are in Colombia?

Even though the Amazon Basin is not in Colombia it is in Brazil, which is very close to Colombia. But the Andes Mountains run through Colombia and at the edge of Colombia is the Pacific Ocean.

Who runs the country Colombia?

Colombia is a democracy and it is administered by the President of Colombia and his elected government.

Who was born in Colombia?

Fernando Botero was born in Colombia.Gabriel Garcia Marquez was born in Colombia.Juan Pablo Montoya was born in Colombia.

When was Colombia es Pasiรณn-Cafรฉ de Colombia created?

Colombia es Pasión-Café de Colombia was created in 2006.

Where is cheaper cocaine Peru or Colombia?


Who colonized Colombia?

the person to conquer colombia

Who is closer to the equator the Sahara or Colombia?


Is museum in Colombia?

There are many museums in Colombia.

What continet is Colombia in?

Colombia is in South America

Does Colombia have a siesta?

No, Colombia does not traditionally have siestas.

Is Colombia in Europe?

No Colombia is in South America.

Who was first discover Ecuador or Colombia?


Is Colombia a MEDC or LEDC?

Colombia is an NIC.

Is Colombia urban?

Yes, colombia is urban and if you thing that colombia is just jungle you are really wrong.

Why doesn't Colombia put there original name that is repbublic of Colombia?

Because saying 'Republic of Colombia' would be the same thing as only saying Colombia.