Do Cuban people get health care?

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Yes. Cuba has a national health care system.

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Q: Do Cuban people get health care?
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Is it better to have good health care at high cost for some or minimal health care for everyone at low cost?

Ask a Cuban.

Who pays for health-care in Cuba?

The Cuban government pays for it. There are also a few other countries where the government provides all its citizens with health-care. The United States is not one of them.

Do the junk food's companies care about people's health?

Do the junk food's companies care about people's health?" 5. How does junk food affect the people's health?

Cuban healthcare pros and cons?

Cuba's health care program is available to every citizen of the nation. However, it is likely that people have to wait for treatment of all but he most serious of conditions.

Why do US people support this health care bill?

People support this health care bill because it is the first serious step in fixing out broken health care system.

When people do not have adequate health insurance or good access to health care where do they typically go for health care services?


Do people in France have universal health care?

People in France do have universal health care. The French health care system is financed by the country’s government national health insurance. In 2000, the WHO found that France had one of the best universal health care systems in the world.

Are you happy with your health care?

There may be many reasons people are happy with their health care. Low copay's and a wide selection of doctors that are covered will make people happy with their health care

What percent of French people have health care?

100% of the French people have access to health care. It is universal and paid for by the state.

Why do rich people often receive better health care than poor people?

Because health care is expensive.

Would the people with a good health care system have to pay for a universal health care system?

no the people with a good health care system don't have to pay for a univesal health care system because it's the same thing.I hope I this helped:)

Can people get good health care in Canada?

Canada is considered to have very good health care.

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