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Do DS lite games fit the original DS?


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2011-09-12 22:14:36
2011-09-12 22:14:36

Yes, you can use ds lite games in the original Nintendo ds. They are not making new specialized games for the Nintendo ds lite. they are still making games that fit both the original DS and the Nintendo DS Lite.

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Yes, you can play Gb original games on the ds lite

Yes, you can play all Nintendo DS games on a DS Lite, even play Gameboy games. However, some DS Lite GBA Slot packs don't fit in the Original DS.

Yes, regular DS games fit into a 3DS.

Yes, it can since the Nintendo DS lite is slightly smaller than the original DS

Yes - All GBA games will fit into the DS or the DS Lite but won't in the DSi.(If you have a flashcard then it's 90% that you can't run GBA games on it.)

No but you can play Gameboy Advance games on a original Nintendo DS and a Nintendo DS Lite.

Yes, the original Nintendo DS as well as the Nintendo DS lite can play NDSi games.

I guess they do. The original DS has pretty much the same shape as the DS Lite. It might look odd though.

Yes. A DS Lite is the same as the DS, but smaller; A DSi is the same thing as a DS Lite but with a few added features. All DS games are compatible with all the kinds of DS, except ones that need the GBA slot (aka Slot-2): * Original DS expansion paks work in the DS and DS Lite * DS Lite paks only work in the DS Lite (won't fit in original ds, too short) * DSi won't support any Slot-2 expansion paks.

Yes they do, as the hardware for the original DS is identical to the DS Lite, it should work.

Yes, the original DS and the DS lite are 100% compatible with games. The only difference between the two is they both need different battery chargers.

You can play any normal Nintendo DS games on a DS Lite but they do not make separate games for the DS Lite. The DS Lite can also play any Game Boy Advance (not colour or original) game but the game protrudes from the DS Lite which makes it look slightly stupid.

Yes if it's a ds or ds lite Not dsi or dsi XL Actually, a DS lite cannot play gameboy color games. Only the original DS.

DS lite chargers do not fit a 3DS.

There is no such thing as "DSi Lite" but let me tell you this: at the moment of writing, ALL DS games fit in ALL DS's (DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL)

Yes, everything that works for the DS Lite works on the original DS unless it can't fit

Yes, The original ds and ds lite can, but the new DSi can not.

i think bcuz i tried ds games in dsi and they worked

Mo. The original DS and DS lite supports Advance games. Advance supports all Gameboy games.

the ds lte is smaller but the games are only called ds games not ds lite games

You cannot download games to your DS lite.

No, GBA games can be played on the following: GBA, GBA SP (+), GBA Micro, DS (original), DS lite.

You just put them into the GBA, original DS or DS lite.

There is no such thing as a game made specifically for the DS lite. So there are no 'DS lite' games.

Yesyes becase the manual says you can play ds lite games on your dsi

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