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Do Golden Globe winners know before the show?

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As of this year she has received 23 Golden Globe nominations. :) Amazing, I know. <3

i dont know can you anser

Al Pacino won the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television in 2011 for You Don't Know Jack.

I wish to know the winners for the DV lottery for 2009 in Cameroon

He won many awards such as oscars,golden globe,and grammy awards.He was in many films such as amen and lilles of the field.So now you know he accomplished many things.

We do not know for sure. "Julius Caesar," "Henry V," and "Hamlet" have all been suggested by various scholars. We do know that "Hamlet" was one of the first new plays by Shakespeare performed at The Globe. Both "Caesar" and "Henry V" had been performed previously at other playhouses before the company moved to The Globe.

No. They believe the public wants to know there are real winners so they no the winners are just not made up.

I'm pretty sure they will kinzpost you but i do not know when exactly after they post the winners

Forest Whitaker is know as an American actor, producer and director. He has won many awards for his acting including a Golden Globe award as well as an Academy Award.

Grace Kelly DID get an award she got a Golden Globe in 1954 and the role in The Country Girl she got an Academy Award winning performance. I know that she DID get more awards but I don't know every thing EH?

The earliest play which we know for sure was performed at the Globe was Julius Caesar. This was on September 21, 1599. Some people think that Henry V was performed there before Caesar was but there is no evidence for this.

i don't know, ask yourself

I don't know what NBT stands for but I put a link to the winners of radio Disney's past winners.

their uses is to know what are the places..

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The AnswerThon winners are usually announced on the AnswerThon Home Page within 10 days of closing the AnswerThon challenge.

He wanted the winners to be happy with their win and because before him they there was not any trophy or anything, just glory. The reason of why he only made on I do not know.

Which Globe Theatre are you talking about? We know it was performed at least once at the first Globe in London, in April of 1610.

I can't really tell you an accurate answer.. but Chris Colfer just won one at the age of 20, and that's very young for one of those; however, I don't know if he's the youngest.

Shakespeare perfomed the first act in the Globe Theatre i think, but i dont know which play it was.

The winners were announced on April 30, 2009. The announcement is located on the NoStupidAnswers blog, at:

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