Great White Sharks

Do Great White Sharks eat Arctic Cods?

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What kind of sharks do arctic cods eat?

arcods what else?

How many Arctic cods are there?

A lot of them

Is there a difference in male and female arctic cods?


Do beluga whales eat arctic cods?

yes if artic cods are at the bottom of the shallow part of the ocean

What do arctic cods eat?

Arctic Cod are meat eaters who prefer hunting at night. Arctic Cod eat other cod, mussels, worms, haddock, and sand eels.

Is cods the plural of cods?

Yes, cods is the plural of cod.

Is an arctic cod a carnivore herbivore or omnivore?

I believe Atlantic cods are omnivores.

What do Cods eat?

The organisms cods consume are krills, algae, small animals, and protists.

Where do cods live?

They live in the sea

Are artic cods carnivores?


Cods for Barbie girls?

Barbiegirlspresale Mattychoice

What is the plural form of the word cod?


Where do you type cods in animal jam?


Are cods vertebrates?

They have a backbone, making them vertebrates.

What temperatures and depths do cod prefer?

Cods like temperatures between 60 to 70 degrees. Or whatever feels good for you. Cods live in the depths of the ocean. I was on a boat and people were catching cods that were 180 feet in the water! If the cod ends up dead, I don't know what to tell you ...... sorry? That is all I know. Bye and may all of the cods live in peace.

What rhymes with cods?

nods , plods , sods etc.

What are the cod's predators?

the cods predators are whales and humans>

Is cod cape cods chief export?


What rhymes with rods?

cods, sods, nods, pods

What is the code on the game card-binweevils?


You want some clubbk toy cods?


What eats codgrass?

Type your answer here... Cods :D

Is cod dangerous?

Cods aren't harmful to humans.

What cods have split-screen?

Black Ops does

How do you download an iTunes code generator?

get me free gift cods

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