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Most Greeks have put off there mythology but a small number of the population still do.

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Why do we still believe in mythology?

Myths are stories we do not believe in (any longer). Stories we do believe are not considered myths. The Greek myths were the religion of the ancient Greeks. It has been supplanted by Christianity.

Do Greeks still believe in their ancient Greek gods?

No. Very, very few people in the world today believe in the gods of the ancient Greeks.

Do present day Greeks still believe in their Ancient Greek Gods?


When did mythology die out?

Mythology hasn't died out yet; many people still follow the beliefs and religious systems of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and so on.

Is there a group of people that still believe in greek and roman mythology?

No. This religon died out thousands of years ago. The Romans got their idea of mythology from the Greeks, so they gave up on it before them.

Who did the Ancient Greeks believe was the force of love?

There was a god who is the god of love which I think are aphodite or Apollo one of these is the force of love the Greeks still belive in.

What ancient games did the Greeks create that we still celebrate today?


Do Greeks still believe in Greek mythology?

Of course not. That was the religion of ancient Greece. The majority of Greeks today are Greek Orthodox Christians. If, and IF there are ANY people left today who still practice that religion, it is because they want to "show off" their ancestors, so to speak. Nobody truly worships the gods as in the old days anymore, however.

If Greeks didn't have Mt Olympus would they still believe in gods?

The mountain is still there, but the Greeks are now good Christians. The ancient gods existed and they needed a good place to be. So they created this mountain.

What percent of Americans believe in greek mythology?

I doubt anyone has compiled that data because no one should still believe in it. Unless of course you're asking how many believe that it was once the religion of the Greeks, in which case it should be 100%.

Do the Greeks still believe in the gods and goddess?

All kinds of people believe in gods and goddesses, not just Greeks.

Do the Greeks still believe in the gods and goddesses today?

Most modern Greeks are members of the Christian Religion, specifically the Greek Orthodox church. However, some do still worship the Ancient gods, and most respect them out of consideration for their history.

When did Hades reign?

To some Hades still reigns, it depends on what you believe. But in the time of the Ancient Greeks was known as the Greek Gods time of reign.

Are there still people who believe in Greek Mythology today?


What sports did the Ancient Greeks play that are still played today?

They still have foot races.

What is Greek mytholoy?

Greek mythology is a system of myths that was built by the ancient Greeks to explain the system of the world. In it there are many gods, titans and mortal heros that help to explain why certain events take place. Greek mythology was somewhat of a religion in ancient times, but is now studied and revered for the extreme complication of the system. Many modern things are still closely related to greek mythology.

What is another name for a play that ancient Greeks used that you still use?


What did the ancient Greeks invent that we still use today?

The Olympic Games.

Did the ancient Greeks worship in temples?

Yes. Some of them are still around.

What is the plural possessive form of Greeks?

The possessive form of the plural noun Greeks is Greeks'.example: Many elements of the ancient Greeks' culture is still in fashion today.

How many people still believe in the greek gods?

a lot of greeks and romans still do

Do Ancient Gods still effect Earth?

They do if you believe that they exist and that they still have an influence. They do not if you do not believe in this.

Why does your society still use symbols from ancient mythology in your modern world?

because gods are still worshipped in this time

Does Zeus Poseidon and Hades still exist?

If you believe in Greek mythology, yeah.

What diseases did ancient Greeks have?

Hippocrates identifies a number of ailments that we still find today.