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The Greyhound station in Binghamton, New York does. See the related links for more information. Greyhound Lines, Inc. 15110 N. Dallas Pkwy., Ste. 600 Dallas, TX 75248 Tel. 972-789-7000 Fax 972-387-1874 Luggage in transit, in their control, obviously yes. Unfortunately, since the lockers that used to be available to store passenger baggage became tools too easily used by terrorists (in the early days bombs were frequently linked to having been placed in them), like airports, these types of facilities have generally been eliminated. You pretty much must keep your baggage with you at all times.

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Are there luggage lockers in the London underground?

No. There are luggage lockers at mainline railway stations which have interchange facilities with London Underground stations, but there is simply not enough room for this kind of facility.

Can you store luggage at Amtrak stations?

there are lockers at most stations but you have to pay for it

What is the luggage room in poptropica on the mystery train?

The luggage room is, a car in the train full of the passengers' luggage. *do not add alternates to this question*

What is the plural possessive of passenger?

The plural form of the plural noun passengers is passengers'.Example: All of the passengers' luggage has been stowed.

Are there luggage lockers at Nice station?

In France all major stations have left luggage lockers.

How do use passengers' in a sentence?

This bag is not mine. It is a Passengers'.

Why do they call it a station wagon?

Originally the main purpose of this vehicle was to pick up passengers and luggage from train stations and transport them to vacation resorts (early 1900's thru 1930's)

What is check in luggage?

Checked in luggage is luggages of passengers that travel that are stowed on the lower part of the plane where luggages are holded.

How much luggage can you take to colombia?

It depends on th airline you're flying with and on the class of travel. Some airlines allow you to check in more luggage than others. Also buiness class passengers get a larger luggage allowence than economy passengers.

How much does a full size bus weigh?

A full size City bus will weigh about 20,000 LBS (roughly 9,000 KG ) With out any passengers. A 56 passenger Highway, tour or Greyhound coach can weigh up to 41,000 LBS (Roughly 18,000 KG) with a full load of passengers, Luggage and Freight

Are there left luggage facilities in Liverpool street station London?


How much luggage can a Toyota corolla carry?

Total load capacity 850 lbs of passengers and luggage according to the owners manual 2006 Corolla

Is there luggage lockers at Brussels railway station?

There are luggage lockers in the three main Brussels Railway Stations: Brussels North, Central and South.

Aims of Warsaw Convention?

The Warsaw Convention deals with airlines' liability for passengers' luggage.

Max weight capacity you can put in your 2010 corolla?

820 lbs of passengers and luggage

Where can I find durable executive luggage?

Durable luggage is so difficult to find! offers executive luggage with monster tires capable of flattening airline passengers in seconds! This is a perfect feature for the frequent flyer.

Is the flight attendant supposed to help with the luggage?

Flight attendant frequently DO help with some luggage, as an aid to getting the passengers boarded. However, they are not required to, and in some cases, cannot. Their primary job is to ensure safety and comfort of passengers. They are not porters, skycaps, or bellboys.

Do they have drug dogs a greyhound bus stops?

At greyhound they do not ever search you. Although in the backroom where they take your luggage after you hand it over to them could be different. So to be safe whatever your carrying keep it with you and you will be fine. In New Mexico,el paso and Phoenix they do random checks with dogs around the luggage compartments of buses.

What does the Cessna 406 carry?

The Cessna 406 is a twin turboprop executive aircraft. It can carry 14 passengers and about 1,000 pounds of cargo or luggage.

Is the gross weight for a bus including the passengers for empty?

The gross weight of any vehicle is the laden weight. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is the maximum gross weight the vehicle is rated for. So, for a bus, that would include passengers, fuel, and luggage (if a type of bus which carries luggage).

Weight of hand luggage passengers are allowed to fly?

Depending on the airline that you are using some will allow you up to 40 lbs / 45 inches on hand luggage on top of your purse if you are a female

What are the people called who carry bags at railway stations?

The people who carry bags at railway stations are porters.

Does Greyhound Bus Lines search carry on bags?

yes i went to blackpool last year and they searched our luggage when they stopped for the breack.....they also search hand luggage. hope you find this information helpfull xx

What does it mean to plane-side luggage?

Plane-side is a derivative of gate-check in terms of luggage. Plane-side luggage is generally used to describe luggage that was gate-checked, but left on a designated cart next to the stairs of a small aircraft. This cart of luggage is then taken and loaded into the cargo hold of the aircraft. Upon arrival, the luggage is taken off first and carted to the aircraft stairs for passengers to retrieve.

What are the use of conveyor belt?

the use of the a conveyor belt is used to transport passengers luggage so that they can collect it when they get off the plane.

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