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It depends on the kind of injury. The sport is irrelevant.

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Q: Do Hockey injuries need physical therapy?
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Why would a person need physical therapy?

A person would need physical therapy if he/she has injured a muscle or ligament. Physical therapy also allows your ligaments and muscles to stretch and heal the tendered muscles.

What do I need to do to get physical therapist certification?

You can attend Physical Therapy school. There are also many physical therapy certification programs available.

What are some of the classes you will have to take for a bachelers in physical therapy?

you cant get a bachelor's degree in physical therapy. you need a doctorate in physical therapy. that's 6-8 years of college.

What do I need to do before entering a physical therapy school?

There are no physical therapy schools, but there are schools that offer programs in physical therapy. You will need your standard core classes such as math, English, and history, but you will also need to have a lot of science courses such as biology, anatomy, and physiology.

Are There Physical Therapy Aides Needed in Trinidad Tobago?

they need physical therapist..

Who is higher in demand physical therapy aide or pharmacy tech?

Pharmacy tech More people are ill than need physical therapy

How chemistry is helpful in physical therapy?

In order to get into physical therapy programs you need to have chemistry as prerequisite. It is one of the core general credits that a students have before they could be considered for physical therapy school admission. Hope it helps.

Which pays more physical therapy or occupational therapy?

Physical therapist. however, more schooling is involved. need doctorate for PT, masters for OT.

What is the difference between physical education and physical therapy?

Physical Education is a subject that includes the rules,procedures,principles of games,field & track events,physical training ,medical injuries & medicine.Physical therapy on the other hand, is treatment by medicine or other methods including repairing/adjusting damage to an injured part, or parts of the body that need(s) to be manipulated, relearned or functioning to the tolerance or satisfaction of the patient.

Is there a way to have online physical therapy assistance?

No all physical therapy is best done in a doctors setting. You need to have someone physically there with you to see best results. Also the equipment that is used in physical therapy offices are vital for your success.

What all equipment does a physical therapy center need?

anything relaxing

Do you have to have a degree to be a physical therapy assistant?

Yes, you need to have a degree to be a physical therapy assistant. The only other alternative would be to shadow a physical therapist on your path to earning your own degree.

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